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CRITICAL THINKING Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 1

CRITICAL THINKING - Coursework Example eas, theories and concepts of nursing and developing intellectual capacities and abilities in order to become self-directed, disciplined and critical thinkers (American Association of Colleges of Nursing, 2011). In nursing, critical thinking is the methodical, intellectual process of applying dexterous thinking as a guide to belief. It involves openness to question and reflection on the reasoning process employed to guarantee safe nursing practice and quality care. Critical thinking among nurses involves proficiency in using reasoning, adherence to intellectual standards, commitment to develop and sustain intellectual qualities of the mind and practices of ideas and the proficient use of reasoning skills (Finkelman, 2012). Nursing practitioners who are critical thinkers appraise and adhere to intellectual standards. Notably, critical thinkers in nursing endeavour to be unclouded, precise, accurate, significant, fair and logically competent when listening and speaking to patients and when reading and writing (Castledine, 2010). They think largely and deeply. In addition, critical thinkers in nursing develop their attitudes and dispositions to those of a fair-minded thinker. In this case, the nurses suspend their judgments till they truly apprehend another standpoint and phrase the position that another holds on a matter (American Association of Colleges of Nursing, 2011). Nurses come to coherent decisions so that they can act proficiently in practice. They continuously observe their reasoning, enquiring and replicating on the quality of

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Is College Degree Essential Essay Example for Free

Is College Degree Essential Essay Is college degree really worth all the money spent and the effort put in it? Right now in our socirty a college education is no longer a option or a privilege. Without a college degree, you might as well becomes a homeless because if you don’t have a college degree you really aren’t anybody in this society.With a college degree, you get a good job, people give you more respect and you broraden up your knowledge. To me a college degree is essential for my future in order to be successful. First reason, college degree is essential is that it will lead me to get a really good job in the future. Being a college student perhaps more respectable role than being a janitor, lunch lady or a cook in a restaurant. When people know you as a college graduate, they give you more respect than just any ordinary person. With a college degree you get nice well-paying careers where you don’t have to break your neck and working your body to death. Even my parents motivate me more to stay in college because I don’t want to grow up and do the job that they doing now. Second reason why college is important is you gain respectful from people. For example my older brother who is a college graduate from Northwestern university gets more respect from all my family members and outsiders too. They look at him as not any ordinary person, but as a person who has accomplished a major goal that not everybody who starts finish. I know I will hain the same respect from people once I get my college degree. A degree is not just any other paper. It’s a special dcosument that will lead me to the right places in the future. It’s not good to be labeled as a college dropout or high school dropout. I would rather be preferred to be labeled as a college graduate not drop out. Another reason why college is essential is not only leading you to a good job, but also it prepares you with academic knowledge about the around you.  Most people are irerlate and don’t even know much about the world they live in due to the fact they didn’t finish high school or go to college. Most people excuse for not going to college is money. Yes that’s true but, there are so many resources out there to help you get into college if you’re willing to go. The way things are going now, the only way to make it through is by getting a college degree. Even with some simple jobs out there, you need some sort of degree in order to be hired. College degree is really essential for my future because I want to make a difference and help out my family in Ghana who didn’t have the same opportunity as me to go to college. Most teens out there take education for granted and don’t care much about it. In conclusion having a college degree is for your own benefit. It will lead you to many grate places in the career industry. Yes is a lot of money and work but it’s really worth it. I know that in four years from now I will be really happy that I went to college and didn’t play around with it. Nobody can ever take your education from you it’s your god given rights.

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Technology: Friend or Foe? Essay -- Argumentative Technology Essays Pa

Technology: Friend or Foe? There are many differing opinions on the advancement of technology but there are really two main sides to the issue. One side is enthusiastic and ready for new progress and change, while the other side can see the value of technology but is more cautious and wary of the changes technology brings to society as a whole. These sides are simplified but useful for looking at the extreme ends of the issues in order to see the balance between the two. What is technology and why the fuss? Technology consists of something as basic as a calculator to something as complex as the newest secrets in military defense. Technology is applying the new and innovative discoveries in science to everyday tasks. The biggest concern about technology expressed in a growing number of articles and books has to do with computer technology. People are scared of the many advancements in computer technology such as the internet and the World Wide Web. Currently, information capabilities are growing quickly with few regulations. Some of the dispute comes from misunderstanding but the other half comes from experience. Younger people tend to have a more liberal and open view about the advancements, while older generations have seen the fast paced changes in this world and are more leery and hesitant to accept new technology without caution. It is useful to look at the two main sides and evaluate where the arguments can come together to form a medium and balanced view. In searching for arguments expressing hesitancy about the progress of technology one source is found through a man named Neil Postman. He is a well respected and accomplished professor and writer. Postman has devoted an entire book, Technopoly, to the subject ... ... from and where it is going. From this wider perspective people can begin to understand the pros and cons of technology better. Works Cited Downie, Peter. Transcript from a TV-interview for Progress and Prophesy. 1991. Lewis, Peter. "Anarchy, a Threat to the Electronic Frontier?" New York Times. 11 May, 1994: C1, C5. Postman, Neil. Informing Ourselves to Death. Speech. October 11, 1990. Postman, Neil. Technopoly: The Surrender of Culture to Technology. Vintage Books. New York: 1992. Turkle, Sherry. "The Human Spirit in a Computer Culture." The Second Shelf. Simon and Schuster, 1984. Verity, John W. "The Information Revolution." Business Week. June 13, 1994: 10-18. Wiener, Jon. "Free Speech on the Internet." The Nation. June 13, 1994: 825-828.

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Evidenced Based Practice Essay -- Nursing

Evidenced Based Practice ( EBP) is essential to enable all nurses to provide the most current up to date practises for their patients. This process involves research, systematic review of current practices, critical thinking skills, evaluation and application to clinical practice taking into account patient preferences. It is vital for nurses professional autonomy to be able to justify their actions and demonstrate an understanding of why they perform the tasks they do. This defines them as unique professionals judged by their knowledge and not simply by their hands on skills. As stated by McSherry, Simmons & Pearce (2002); â€Å"Nurses are responsible for the care they provide for their patient. They have to be active, competent and autonomous in providing this care and be able to justify what they do. It is no longer acceptable for nurses to base care on ritual and tradition- they must be able to justify the decision they have made about appropriate care and treatment on the basis of a professional expertise which includes using research evidence to inform practice.† (p.1). One of the best known definitions of evidence based practice is; â€Å"The conscientious, explicit and judicious use of current best evidence about the care of individual patients.† (Sackett et al. 1997, as cited in Holland & Rees, 2010, p. 7). Individualised care and research is not a new concept. Florence Nightingale first demonstrated this through her note taking and analysis of data. As a result mortality rates were reduced for medical and surgical patients as hygiene practises were improved. (Schmidt & Brown, 2009). For today’s nurses this transcribes into using the best research knowledge to make clinical decisions that benefits the patient. This involves q... ...J .V., & Smyth, R.L. (Eds.). The evidenced- based practice manual for nurses. Sydney, NSW: Churchill Livingstone. Polit, D.F., & Beck, C.T. (2010). Essentials of nursing research: Appraising evidence for nursing practice. (7th ed.). Philadelphia, USA: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins. Rees, C. (2010). Understanding evidence and its utilization in nursing practice. In Holland, K., & Rees, C. (Eds.). Nursing: Evidence-based practise skills. New York: Oxford University Press. Schmidt, N.A., & Brown, J.M. (2009). Evidence-based practice for nurses: Appraisal and application of research: Sudbury, Mass: Jones and Bartlett Publishers. Stillwell, S.B., Fineout-Overholt, E., Melnyk, B.M. & Williamson, K. M. (2010). Evidence- Based Practice Step by Step: Asking the clinical question: A key step in evidence- based practice. American Journal of Nursing, 110(3),58-61.

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Electric Cars Are Going to Be the Future Essay

Nearly every household in America owns a gas powered vehicle, which pollutes our environment daily. Our society needs to consider furthering its knowledge and use of electric cars. Pollution of our environment must come to a halt in every situation possible in order to save the future of our atmosphere. I believe that the switch from gas-powered cars to electric cars is a very necessary and reasonable approach to save the environment. Several different car manufacturers have already began making efforts to adapt their vehicles to become more environmentally safe products. Although our country runs off oil and its proceeds, we can still attempt to make conversions that will lead to an overall positive impact on the United States. Making the switch to electric cars that run solely on renewable energy is a very wise economical and green decision. Our environment is long overdue for help in making it a better place for living in. The way we plan to make the environment better for living is by eliminating pollution altogether. The world annually emits approximately 8. 3 billion tons of carbon and about four billion tons will remain in the atmosphere for thousands of years. The switch to electric cars is an easy accomplishment because the technology is already at the tip of our hands. The United States will benefit a great deal after the switch from gasoline cars to electric cars is achieved. After learning the facts, the reasons are oblivious as to why electric cars are more efficient than hydrogen cars. The technology is already prepared for mass production. The negative environmental effects of production and driving the car are minimal. Manufacturers have already succeeded at innovating designs and specific features into the vehicles to assure the public’s satisfaction. With all of this in mind, it is vital to realize that the main goal of individual transportation is to enable people to get where they need to be when they need to be there. Ideally, there should be extremely limited environmental consequences when transporting in a perfect world, there would be none. Therefore, engineers and car manufacturers are not fixing the problem as a whole with their efforts to revolutionize automobiles, but every step forward counts. Instead of being content with the advancements, car manufacturers and engineers should continue to explore the world of environmentally safe opportunities to bring forward into the public eye. One of the most widely known alternatives to gasoline in America is hydrogen or biodiesel. Some might argue that hydrogen-powered or biodiesel-powered cars are more efficient than electric-powered cars, but they are not even close. Hydrogen cars are more expensive to fuel. The hydrogen car costs about three dollars per gallon, which totals around fifteen cents per mile, while the electric car pays in kilowatt-hours, which totals about two cents per mile. The average hydrogen car costs about one million dollars and the technology is just not there yet. It would cost excessively much to install hydrogen fueling stations and biodiesel pumps when it would be much easier and more reasonable to install a greater amount of electrical outlets across the world. Although, electric cars are more expensive to buy off the dealership lot they outperform the regular gasoline cars physically and economically. The electric car overall is cheaper to maintain, but unfortunately, after about ten years the lithium ion batteries start to drain out, but instead of buying a brand new car every so many years all you would have to do is replace the batteries. In the end, this will be a very good deal. The electric alternative technology is already here compared to other alternatives like ethanol, biodiesel, and hydrogen, yes, these are all great ideas, but the technology is just not readily available to us. Therefore, we should not even bother with these alternatives at all. Lastly, the gasoline cars that we use today waste power by constantly burning gas when the car is not in motion, whereas electric cars do not waste power when the car is not in motion.

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LinkedIns New TOS Its Personal

LinkedIns New TOS Its Personal Last week, LinkedIn released a preview of its new Terms of Service which will go into effect in May. As I read through the new terms, it got me thinking about the experiences Ive had on LinkedIn and how they relate to LinkedIns new TOS - and of course about how these terms will affect my readers. LinkedIn Messaging Violations Abound Just yesterday, the following invitation request came into my LinkedIn account from the CEO of Hi Brenda. As a member of legal industry Id like to add you to my LinkedIN network. Im the CEO of LawMatch where we make it a priority to support law firms and legal employers like you. I look forward to networking with you on LinkedIN. In case it wasnt clear, I am neither a law firm nor a legal employer, so whatever or whomever sent me that message (Im assuming it was not really a personal message from the CEO) missed the mark big time. Heres another message, received from someone named Christopher Moore, â€Å"Manager at Machinery Trader†: Hi Brenda, Thanks for connecting with me here on LinkedIn. I must comment that you are a very pretty womanYouve got this cute smile that can melt an iceberg.Hope you dont mind my comment ? How is the weather in your city? Chris Im not sure which one of these messages made me angrier. The first one appears to be generated by a bot, and, well, the second one speaks for itself. At least both Sallie and Chris had the decency to write to me on LinkedIn where I am protected to some extent by LinkedIns Terms of Service. I can block and report both of them. In contrast, I have been completely unprotected when, on at least two occasions, I received messages similar to Chriss directly in my regular e-mail inbox. These letters came from men explicitly claiming to have gotten my information from LinkedIn, but LinkedIn said they had no power over the users because the messages were sent outside of LinkedIn. How LinkedIns New TOS Protects Against Unwanted Messages I believe LawMatchs message was spam generated by a bot, so I was able to report it. And I discovered as I was blocking Chris that LinkedIn has a new option allowing me to state that  the message makes me uncomfortable, threatened or harassed. Thankfully, LinkedIns Terms of Service say that both of the above messages violate LinkedIns policies. If indeed a bot was used on the first one, it violates the following rule in the Dos and Donts: DONT: Use bots or other automated methods to access the Services, add or download contacts, send or redirect messages. The second â€Å"romantic† message violates several other agreements: DO: Use the Services in a professional manner. DONT: Harass, abuse or harm another person; DONT: Act in an unlawful or unprofessional manner in connection with our Services†¦ Interestingly, LinkedIn does not make specific reference to the inappropriate use of LinkedIn as a way to harass women or solicit romantic connections. I hope they add something about it in their Professional Community Guidelines. Im going to request that. Both messages also violate the following current preclusions: DONT: Invite people you do not know to join your network. DONT: Use LinkedIn invitations to send messages to people who dont know you or who are unlikely to recognize you as a known contact. We all know how well those rules are going (pretty much everyone violates them as a network building method), and you will be happy to see that the violation has been taken off the donts list in the upcoming May 2018 revision of LinkedIns Terms of Service. Also taken off the list of donts: DONT: Use or attempt to use anothers account. If Im reading it correctly, this means my assistant can log in to my account without fear that the account will be summarily closed. There are some things you just cant control, even if youre LinkedIn. Im happy they have acknowledged that people are going to invite and communicate with people they dont know, and that people with businesses are going to get support to manage their profiles. Sadly, while LinkedIn might be able to stop the bots, they cant prevent wayward users from abusing the privilege of access to LinkedIns huge professional network. Im grateful for those blocking and reporting options, and believe me, I will continue to use them! How about you? Have you experienced LinkedIn violations and how have you handled them? What do you think of LinkedIns new Terms of Service? To get the latest from my blog on LinkedIn topics like this, sign up for my LinkedIn Professional Writing e-list.

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Lyda Newman Invents Vented Hair Brush

Lyda Newman Invents Vented Hair Brush African-American inventor Lyda D. Newman patented a new and improved hairbrush in 1898  while living in New York. A hairdresser by trade, Newman designed a brush that was easy to keep clean, durable, easy to make and provided ventilation during brushing by having recessed air chambers. In addition to her novel invention, she was a womens rights activist.   Hairbrush Improvement Patent Newman received patent #614,335 on Nov. 15, 1898. Her hairbrush design included several features for efficiency and hygiene. It had evenly spaced rows of bristles, with open slots to guide debris away from the hair into a recessed compartment and a back that could be opened at the touch of a button for cleaning out the compartment. Women's Rights Activist In 1915, Newman was mentioned in local newspapers for her suffrage work. She was one of the organizers of an African-American branch of the Woman Suffrage Party, which was fighting to give women the legal right to vote. Working on behalf of her fellow African-American women in New York, Newman canvassed her neighborhood to raise awareness of the cause and organized suffrage meetings in her voting district. Prominent white suffragists of the Woman Suffrage Party worked with Newmans group, hoping to bring voting rights to all of New Yorks female residents. Her Life Newman was born in Ohio around 1885. Government censuses of 1920 and 1925 confirm that Newman, then in her 30s, was living in an apartment building on Manhattans West Side and was working as a familys hairdresser. Newman lived much of her adult life in New York City. Not much else is known about her private life. Hairbrush History Newman did not invent the hairbrush, but she did revolutionize its design to resemble the brushes in use more today. The history of the first hairbrush begins with the comb. Found by archaeologists at Paleolithic dig sites around the world, combs date back to the origins of human-made tools. Carved from bone, wood, and shells, they were initially used to groom hair and keep it free of pests, such as lice. As the comb developed, however, it became a decorative hair ornament used to display wealth and power in countries including China and Egypt.   From ancient Egypt to Bourbon France, elaborate hairstyles were in vogue, which required brushes to style them. The hairstyles included ornate headdresses and wigs that were used as displays of wealth and social status. Because of their primary use as a styling tool, hairbrushes were an indulgence reserved exclusively for the wealthy. As late as the 1880s, each brush was unique and carefully handcrafted- a task that included carving or forging a handle from wood or metal as well as hand-stitching each individual bristle. Because of this detailed work, brushes were usually bought and gifted only on special occasions, such as weddings or christenings, and cherished for life. As brushes became more popular, brush makers developed a streamlined manufacturing process to keep up with demand.

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Hemingway App Hemingway Editor for Writing Improvement [Review]

Hemingway App Hemingway Editor for Writing Improvement [Review] Hemingway App: Hemingway Editor for Writing Improvement [Review] Writing without editing is like building a house without walls.If you don’t think so, then you’re probably not someone who’s serious about writing and writing well.Not only does editing your own writing help you improve as a writer, but it’s also necessary to turn your very first thoughts of the story or book into something that actually represents how it looks inside your mind.You know how it is.Sometimes your writing just doesn’t do the story or book in your head justice.Using the Hemingway App editor is a perfect way to get as close as possible to bringing your true vision to life.In this Hemingway Editor review, well cover:What is the Hemingway app editor?Is the Hemingway editor right for you?How the Hemingway app worksHemingway app benefitsHemingway App editor reviewWhy are adverbs bad in the Hemingway editor?Next steps for using the Hemingway app editorWhat is the Hemingway App Editor?The Hemingway App is an editor that highlights and correct s grammar, fluency, and sentence structure in order to help your writing read and look better.If you’re new to the world of writing software, you may not be aware of what’s available for you.The Hemingway App is just one of many resources out there designed to not only improve your writing as you have it but also teach you how to write better and produce tighter, neater prose in your books.NOTE: If you want to know how to improve your writing with or without the use of a software like the Hemingway App Editor, we cover everything in this blog post and much more about the writing, marketing, and publishing process in our VIP Self-Publishing Program. Learn more about it hereIs the Hemingway App Editor Right for You?When it comes to choosing a writing software thats best for you, theres a lot to consider.We make it easier for you. This quiz will tell you which writing software is best for your needs. Who knows, maybe the Hemingway App is your perfect match!Want to find th e best writing software for you in just MINUTES? Take this quiz and well tell you exactly which one will help your writing process the most.Click Here to Take the QuizHow Does the Hemingway App Editor Work?Before we get into the Hemingway editor benefits, lets first touch on how the editor works and what you can expect. How to Use the Hemingway Editor:STEP #1 When you visit the Hemingway Editor website, you have the option to paste your writing directly onto the website, or you can download the desktop version to use anytime.NOTE: If you want to be able to download and save what the Hemingway editor is correcting (or what you correct within the editor) download the Hemingway App for your desktop in order to do so.STEP #2 Paste your writing into the app editor directly from the writing software youre using to complete your manuscript, like in the example from my own work below.STEP #3 Determine whether or not to take the advice highlighted in the various colors.This can be the har dest part of using the Hemingway editor. You cant take every suggestion because then you may lose your own writing voice.Knowing what each color means in the editor will help you decide what advice to take, and what to leave for stylistic purposes.Heres what each color represents in the Hemingway app editor:Light Blue Light blue highlights in the Hemingway editor represent weak words (typically adverbs) that this app believes could be made stronger.Green Green highlights in the Hemingway Editor indicate passive voice- which is not as strong as active voice.Purple When the Hemingway Editor highlights something in purple, its telling you that whats written is a little too complex and it would be easier to read if you altered it or shortened the word.Yellow Yellow highlights are indicative of complex sentences or common writing errors. This means you are better off shortening or splitting up this sentence in order to make it easier to read.Red If your text gets highlighted in red, i t means this text is very difficult to read. Think of red as the more severe version of a yellow highlight- its usually best not to ignore this suggestion entirely. The key with using the Hemingway editor is to understand that these are only suggestions. Its up to you to determine what advice you want to take in order to make your writing stronger.Remember, this is just an automated app- it cannot replicate your voice or style.Hemingway App BenefitsBefore we get into the real review, let’s touch on the benefits of the Hemingway App in order to help you understand exactly what this writing program has to offer.#1 It’s very simple to useThe Hemingway editor is not a difficult editing tool to use. In fact, it’s as easy as copying and pasting because that’s literally all you have to do.Just copy the writing you have and drop it into the editor. Then, BOOM, your work has been edited. Technically, your work has been commented on, and it’s up to you to make the necessary edits suggested by the editor.As far as ease of use, the Hemingway app is perfect.#2 It creates better-sounding writingA lot of what makes the Hemingway app unique is that its purpose is to help your writing read more fluidly.One of the main issues with many people’s writing is that it often sounds choppy. The smoothness of writing is a coveted skill not many possess naturally and therefore, the Hemingway app editor makes it easy to see where your flow is falling short.Once you know what to watch out for and what habits you tend to fall into, you can correct them going forward and have smoother, easier-to-read prose.#3 Anyone can use itIf you have the ability to write, copy, and paste, you can use the Hemingway app editor.Because this editor works by giving you suggestions within your writing, you’ll have to be able to read and decipher what each piece of advice means as well.But as long as you can copy and paste your work as well as understand the tips the app is giving you, you can use this.#4 It’s cheap or freeAlthough you can purchase a desktop version of the Hemingway app editor, it’s also completely free to use on their website.You can just go to and paste your writing in the space where their writing is. The results and editing tips immediately populate all for free.#5 You get better the more you use itAs I’ve mentioned above, this is a great app to use whenever you want to check your writing for major grammatical and spelling errors, but you can also use this as a learning tool.Whenever you input copy for the app to edit, make note of results that pop up time and time again. This will show you where your weakest points are and it also allows you to gauge how much you’re improving whenever you use it. Hemingway App Editor ReviewLet’s get into the real stuff whether or not the Hemingway App is really worth all the hype.Take a look at the video below to understand h ow it works and your different options when it comes to using the Hemingway editor.Ease of use: 5/5This editing app is the easiest I’ve seen to use. It’s literally as simple as copy and pasting, as I mentioned above.The best part about this editor, though, is that its simplicity allows you to use it often and quickly. Even if you want to just check over an urgent email before sending it, you can do so within a minute.Functionality: 4/5The Hemingway app functions just as you’d expect. As far as whether or not the editor does as advertised, it does but only to a certain extent, which Ill touch on in the next point.The app does actually highlight and pinpoint the different areas you can improve on, as well as telling you what reading level your writing is at and how many words it is, as seen below.Reliability: 3/5Its easy to want to listen to every little thing an editor like this says. After all, its factual and that means my writing will be better because of it, right?Thats not always the case.One of the downsides of this editing software is that it doesn’t take style and writer voice into account when editing.This app basically works to correct the most basic common writing problems. However, if you have a very distinct style or a writing voice that strays from â€Å"normal† writing guidelines, this editor won’t be able to detect that and edit accordingly.Therefore, it’s not as reliable for fiction writers because the voices used in writing tend to differ.Overall: 4/5Overall, the Hemingway App editor is a great way to make your writing stronger very quickly. However, keep in mind that this should not be used as an editor for every piece of writing you do.If you’re someone who wants to use it in order to see which areas you need help with, that’s great.But you will still need to hire an editor even after using this if you want the best quality writing.Why are adverbs bad in the Hemingway App?Adverb s are considered bad in writing because they’re weak and can often be replaced with a stronger, more accurate word to reflect the same idea.I’m sure you’ve heard the famous quote by Stephen King about adverbs.â€Å"The path to hell is paved with adverbs.†If you want your writing to be impactful, you have to use strong verbs instead of adverbs in order to get the point across. She ran quickly to grab her backpack before leaving for school.She sprinted to grab her backpack before leaving for school.These two sentences say the same thing, but the second is stronger due using a better, more fitting verb instead of an adverb.How does this involve the Hemingway App editor?The editor is designed to find little mistakes like this in order to help you write with more clarity and intrigue. You won’t have to worry about missing these mistakes when self-editing because the app will point them out for you.Your Next Steps If You’re ReadyAt this point, yo u have to make a decision.Either take action to write your book, or allow yourself to wait, take your time, and probably not get your book done at all.It might sound hard, but facts don’t lie. The longer you wait, the bigger the chance that you’ll never do your book idea justice.And even if you think you’re prepared and ready by using the Hemingway App editor, you’re far from it.In fact, it hardly ever does.

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Describe and critically assess Epicuruss argument that we are not Essay

Describe and critically assess Epicuruss argument that we are not harmed by our own death. (Note, the question asks you about Epicuruss argument, not Lucretius argument.) - Essay Example Majority of the people approaches their end of life situations with lot of concerns and discomfort because of the uncertainty about the life after death. At the same time many others accept death with pleasure and dignity. Epicurus was ancient Greek philosopher who argued that the worries about death are meaningless. In his opinion, since as long as we exist, death is not with us, but when death comes, then we do not exist". This paper critically analyses the arguments of Epicurus with respect to life, death, pleasure pain etc. â€Å"Death does not concern us, because as long as we exist, death is not here. And when it does come, we no longer exist† (Epicurus quotes, n. d). The above argument seems to be logical when we analyse it in a layman’s point of view. In other words, there is no point in worrying about something which may happen in future. Human lives in present and therefore past and future may not be significant in his life. What happened in the past and what is going to happen in future are unimportant when we consider what is taking place at present. Moreover it is unwise to sacrifice the pleasure in present life for attaining future glory or happiness. At the same time, when we analyse Epicurus’s argument in depth, we may face many other questions. We have to answer the mind-body problem clearly before supporting or opposing Epicurus’s argument. It is a fact that human body is driven by a force or energy called mind or soul. Even science has no doubt about the existence of mind or soul in the body of human. Science already proved that in order to perform certain works, force or energy is required. In other words, in order to make the human body functional, mind or soul in necessary. In other words, mind or soul is the driving force of human body which is an accepted scientific fact. If that is correct, the question of what happens to mind or soul after death is

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Response to Progressive Reforms Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Response to Progressive Reforms - Essay Example The writer of rough draft 2 is of the opinion that progressive reformers did restrain the power of American capitalism. According to the writer, the progressive reformers were successful in their quest by demanding better-working conditions, regulating the economy, and fighting for women rights. The writer’s draft captures the socio-economic part of the reform movement but does not expound on the political aspects that the reformers sought to improve. As such, this draft would be improved by noting that progressive reformers had an impact on American politics by changing the policies and principles that the nation was founded on.   Progressive reformers had an impact on domestic policies as they advocated for the protection of the poor and workers from capitalists tendencies through anti-trust laws. Also, progressive reformers called for redistribution of resources and government regulation of commerce and production. Mooney also notes that progressives advocated for governm ent regulation in the employment of women (60).   The government instituted reforms that enabled poor Americans benefit from the available resources and also regulated aspects regarding commerce and production.   As such, the basis of today’s liberalism that permeates in American politics has its roots from progressivism, showing that indeed progressive reformers affected the political sphere as much as the socio-economic aspects.   The quote to apply and best answer the question as the writer intended would be that the reforms.

Nursing Information Technology Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Nursing Information Technology - Essay Example None of which she expected (Turner, 2003). This paper will discuss whether the decision to outsource IT makes sense and whether it would meet the Porter Value Chain Model. Hoppszallern (2009) discusses the fact that according to her research savings for the average company through supply chain management that includes the process of outsourcing IT can be $50-100 million over the life of the project. In a clinical situation this includes such things as the business process areas of medical records, billing, revenue cycle, and supply chain. The process of outsourcing not only reduces cost for the business but also provides accountability from the CIO, provides a change agent that is not bogged down by day to day, and objectivity by lack of close involvement with the departments. It also provides a larger base of knowledge over IT software as well as hardware. However, there is also a down side. That includes the fact that the IT director is also not loyal to the business, he may be a poor cultural fit, and he is not a peer at the executive level. There is also a great chance that the outsourcing will end up abroad and this brings up Senator Turners larg est complaint is that the business of the US does not belong abroad and available for misuse (Turner, 2003). Many of the complaints from departments about outsourcing are related. For example, most department heads complain that it takes twice as long to fix a problem and that the person on the phone does not understand the needs of the department. Projects take longer. This brings up the question of real value and whether or not the lost value of time for the departments in project time outweighs the cost of keeping the IT department in house (Robbins, 2004). In this writers organization, all of the IT department is already outsourced and the complaints are much the same as documented in the articles read for this paper. This includes the length of time it takes to initiate and manage a project as well as getting someone to fix a problem along with many other issues. The majority of the department heads would say that it has not been worth it but the CFO says that it has definitely improved the bottom line. Using Porters value chain management model in healthcare would give a path similar to what follows: 1. Data/ information technology 2. Information generation 3. Analysis 4. Actionable customer plan 5. Program assessment/reassessment The data comes in from 1. Medical claims data 2. Pharmacy data 3. Health risk appraisals 4. Laboratory values 5. Eligibility files 6. Utilization files 7. Operating systems and other external data resources. Much of this data comes from various kinds of claim forms. As we look at this first step in Porters value chain, we realize that there is information here that is certainly not information that we would ever want to be exposed to other places. This makes one wonder if the reduction in cost by outsourcing is worth the possibility of this information leaving the system. Then there is the issue of whether failure to transmit the information where it needs to go in a timely manner is possible and sudden changes in the data such as emergent lab changes, are they getting there timely. Who is aware of how important subtle changes are in the data Then there is the problem of how important data quality

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Organ Donation in the USA Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Organ Donation in the USA - Essay Example I have learned that in the United States only, there are more than 20,000 organ transplants performed every year, but this has not entirely solved the challenges facing organ donations in the medical field (Brezina, 2010). The first organ transplant experiments caused controversies where people who did not believe the procedure to be possible. Organ transplant is facing challenges from religion, philosophy, and politics and in the field of medicine. Quite a number of people are in need of organ transplants, for instance, in the United States, there are citizens in need of organ transplants such as people who have organ failure who may die, and this has raised questions about the organ donation system (Brezina, 2010). This led to the committee in charge of the organ donation to consider a number of approaches to increase the number of donors to sustain the need of patients suffering from organ failure. One of the approaches the committee had was the registration of the donor, intentio ns being to solve the issue of conflict between the next of kin and the medical committee avoiding time wasting (Price, 2000). The financial incentive for choosing to be a donor is another approach. Organs have diverse waiting times because their need varies and from statistics, kidneys have longer waiting times than another organ transplant. Research shows that there is a deficiency of obtainable organs including tissue transplants. Organ transplant involves a complex line of interactions. Among them are the patients, family members, medical professionals, organ procurement and transplant coordinators, the hospital where the donation takes place, the organ procurement organization that facilitates the acquisition and distribution of the organs, and the transplant center (Brezina, 2010). The organ donation system has focused mostly on deceased donors whose death has been determined by neurologic criteria.  

The Issue and Challenge of E-commerce in B2C Business Essay

The Issue and Challenge of E-commerce in B2C Business - Essay Example The example of B2C can be the selling of the shoes to an end customer. Though, buying those shoes from a retailer or buying leather for the shoes refers to B2B. When suppliers cooperate with a business, or wholesalers sell to retailers – these are all the examples of business-to-business activity. We are living in the era of high technologies as well as computerization. No wonder, that approximately 50% of the B2C world turnover can be ascribed to e-commerce. The term refers to any commercial operation that is carried out in the Web. It also pertains to â€Å"any form of business transaction in which the parties interact electronically rather than by physical exchanges or direct physical contact† (Allen, 2001). The procedure of trading on-line is not as easy as it may seem – it covers many rules, activities, laws and creativity. To put it another way e-commerce is a kind of science that is to be studied in order to be effective and bring results. Despite the grow ing popularity of the Internet sales and therefore of e-commerce, the latter has many pitfalls and bottlenecks that can lead to the reduction of the customers’ number. This essay aims to analyse the challenges of e-commerce in B2C. It is very important to investigate this problem since 80% of all operations on-line belong to the B2C ones. The rest 20% make up the wholesale, some financial services, and operations at a Stock Exchange. This topic was chosen because of its importance nowadays and because of its ‘under-research’. It means that not many scientists penetrated into this problem. The first cause for this is the relative youth of the Internet and e-commerce itself. The second reason is that trading on-line, as mentioned above is not considered to be a kind of science in a business world. It is considered to be the way to earn money, or the way to gain new customers. Studying this topic will empower anyone in future to apply this knowledge on practice and carry out the profitable e-commerce. It must be emphasized that e-commerce has become an essential part of B2C, though there are many challenges that are to be taken into account. Notion of B2C â€Å"Business-to-consumer (B2C, sometimes also called Business-to-Customer) describes activities of businesses serving end consumers with products and/or services† (Baker 2010). Speaking about selling through the Internet it is to be mentioned that here B2C means selling goods that are bought by a customer for his own use. The brightest example of e-commerce B2C in the Internet is the site of Amazon. It is the electronic bookstore that was founded in 1995 and since that time became the world main book retailers. Others examples of B2C on-line can include traveling services, web-money, real-estates services and any information that can be used by a customer. Such sites as Facebook, Tweeter and others also represent the example of B2C. They do not sell anything but suggest communication on-line that is also consumed by a customer. E-commerce has not always been as effective as it is now. In 2000 when the company Nasdaq, that maintained the majority of on-line operations failed, the most of the e-commerce firms had to do away with their selling on-line. They had to shift to a more traditional way of carrying out B2C activity. That year some experts claimed that e-commerce would never restore its reputation since it endangered the private information about the clients. Despite the

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Organ Donation in the USA Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Organ Donation in the USA - Essay Example I have learned that in the United States only, there are more than 20,000 organ transplants performed every year, but this has not entirely solved the challenges facing organ donations in the medical field (Brezina, 2010). The first organ transplant experiments caused controversies where people who did not believe the procedure to be possible. Organ transplant is facing challenges from religion, philosophy, and politics and in the field of medicine. Quite a number of people are in need of organ transplants, for instance, in the United States, there are citizens in need of organ transplants such as people who have organ failure who may die, and this has raised questions about the organ donation system (Brezina, 2010). This led to the committee in charge of the organ donation to consider a number of approaches to increase the number of donors to sustain the need of patients suffering from organ failure. One of the approaches the committee had was the registration of the donor, intentio ns being to solve the issue of conflict between the next of kin and the medical committee avoiding time wasting (Price, 2000). The financial incentive for choosing to be a donor is another approach. Organs have diverse waiting times because their need varies and from statistics, kidneys have longer waiting times than another organ transplant. Research shows that there is a deficiency of obtainable organs including tissue transplants. Organ transplant involves a complex line of interactions. Among them are the patients, family members, medical professionals, organ procurement and transplant coordinators, the hospital where the donation takes place, the organ procurement organization that facilitates the acquisition and distribution of the organs, and the transplant center (Brezina, 2010). The organ donation system has focused mostly on deceased donors whose death has been determined by neurologic criteria.  

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Art and Protest Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Art and Protest Paper - Essay Example It is what makes us be well rounded and thoughtful human beings. Art exists in our daily life Art is created when a person, with the intention of joining another person or other people to himself so as to share one feeling expresses that feeling through certain external actions. To give an example: if a boy experiences, let us say, fear after encountering a wolf and relates to that that encounter, he may narrate that encounter to others in order to evoke the feeling of what he has experienced in other people. Even if the boy had not encountered a wolf but he was afraid of one, he may decide to evoke this fear in others by inventing an encounter with a wolf which he recounts to his listeners. This is a form of art. In the same way, it is art if a man, who has experienced either the attraction of enjoyment or the fear of suffering, expresses his feelings in marble or on canvas so that others share in these feelings. It is also art if a man imagines feelings and decides to express them through sounds so as to affect their feelings (Karen 2). Source: We cannot deny that art comprises a large portion of our daily life that we hardly even pause to think about it (Jasper 130). Everything we use from tables, desks are works of art because somebody designed them. That is art. We can as well define art as something that is functional and in most cases aesthetically pleasing the eyes. Art is always in a constantly changing state making it difficult to pin down a specific definition to it. The type of art will differ from one artist to another. For some, art is used as a means expression through the creation of fictional characters. For others, it is the establishment of a world no one else has seen (Jasper 140).   When it comes to writing, each and every writer is different. Some writers may spend an entire paragraph describing how a character moves across a room while other will directly state that the character moved across the roo m. Some will use a ton of punctuations when writing their poetry; others use just the basic amount, while others don't use any punctuation at all.  Some poets will always use perfectly rhyming words while others will prefer an open verse. A good example is Rick Riordan, a top seller yet he is a simplistic writer. In contrast Stephanie Meyer uses a lot of detail and is also a top seller. Writing As Art Using the stroke of a paintbrush, a painter expresses himself on the canvas. Add more paint, broader strokes, different colors and the artist gets an image, a creation. Just like a painter, with the stroke of his pen, a writer begins a creation, a work of art. By arranging words and sentences, the writer creates a big picture just like a painter uses paint and brush to produce a picture. Art involves creating significant or beautiful portrayals. When we picture the things that stir us and move us emotionally, many of them are pieces of writing. Some of them are hundreds of years old, but they still contain the power to elicit visceral and powerful responses. When we think of any sonnets by William Shakespeare, Martin Luther King’s ‘I Have A Dream’ speech or the Declaration of Independence we are reminded of the emotional moments when they were read out (Hooper 65). The word contained in these writings are no less powerful today than the when they were first heard yet it is many years since they were composed. This is the essence of art, to evoke emotions. There are hundreds of

The convict Able Magwitch Essay Example for Free

The convict Able Magwitch Essay Great Expectations is a novel written by Charles Dickens during the Victorian period, around 1860-61. Dickins today is regarded to be one of the greatest novelists of all time. Great Expectations portrays the predominate themes of a Dickins novel as its central ideas revolve around the division of rich and poor, and how their status is viewed by the society in which they live. The novel Great Expectations is based upon the life of a young orphaned boy named Pip, whom is brought up by his older sister Mrs Joe Gargery and Mr Joe Gargery his brother in law living in Kent. Pip faced with various different incidents, as well as changes that take place in his life, which then structure his future self, as he grows into a man. Such events include him meeting Magwitch, Miss Havisham, and Estella, all of which have diverse effects on him. Pip is the protagonist and narrator of the novel and is reflecting on his past, explaining his story of his younger self. Pip is passionate, romantic, and somewhat unrealistic at heart, as he tends to expect more for himself than is possible, as he has a powerful conscience, and he deeply wants to improve himself, both morally and socially. He grows up to be a rich arrogant gentleman, influenced by Miss Havisham and his love for Estella. Despite his new lifestyle, he is later reminded in the novel, of his former self. This transformation in Pip, from poor to rich clearly reflects the distinct division and contrast in class throughout the Victorian era. Miss Havisham is a wealthy, eccentric old woman who lives in a manor called Satis House near Pips village. She is manic and often seems insane, wonders around her house in a faded wedding dress, keeping a decaying feast on her table. As a young lady, Miss Havisham was jilted by her fianc minutes before her wedding, and now she has a vendetta against all men. She deliberately raises Estella to be the tool of her revenge, training her beautiful ward to break mens hearts. Miss Havishams beautiful young ward, Estella is Pips unattainable dream throughout the novel. He loves her passionately, but though she sometimes seems to consider him a friend, she is usually cold, cruel, and uninterested in him. As they grow up together she repeatedly warns him that she has no heart. Pip also later discovers that Estella is Magwitchs daughter. One of the main themes of this story is wealth. In Victorian times money meant everything and it was what gave people their status in society. Ones individual wealth was reflected by their job and sense of dress, placing them into a society in which they were approved of. Money was a measure of giving a person everything they wanted, from luxuries, to happiness or even to a persons heart. Great Expectations on the other hand proves to illustrate an exact parody of the fact stated above. This is largely due to Pip going though much misfortune, suffering and tragedy as a gentleman, yet the novel points out that no amount of wealth buys you true love or friends, just grief and agony. In chapter one, the first meeting between Magwitch and Pip is set in a bleak place over grown with nettles in a churchyard which was intersected with dykes and mounds and gates that have scattered cattle feeding on it down at the marshes in Kent. The weather, in addition to the surroundings, is as follows; wind was rushing and the distant savage lair was the sea. This makes everything sound very quiet, eerie, and isolated. Also the use of the metaphor describing the sea distant savage lair emphasises how it seems so sister and dangerous. The use if this also creates an image in the readers mind of a dark, almost ghostly sea, making the setting so far very unsettling to the reader. This suggests that the meeting between the two characters may not be a friendly sort; rather it indicates its going to be more of a grim and disturbing type sensing that theres trouble brewing. The weather helps sets the scene and brings it all together, by making the reader anxious and curious about whats going to happen next, through using language such as savage and dark flat wilderness. These words are very negative and unpleasant; hence it brings up curiosity as to why its like that. Overall the setting of the first meeting is very pessimistic and sinister. This makes the setting seem very unappealing, causing the reader build up interest as to why the setting is such and also comes to understand that somethings about to happen, therefore whatever it is, it wont be something good when taking into account and reflecting back at the overall setting, including the weather. This use of subtle contrast from Dickins is in my view very clever as it stands almost as a metaphor for the context of the novel. In the Victorian era the amount of money possessed by each individual was a measure of your popularity and status. Despite this it did not always bring you happiness and contentment. The use of dismal and moody atmospheric description clearly symbolises how not everything is what it seems, as Pip and Magwitch, are not in the end foes as it seems they are going to be in the initial stages of the novel, but instead friends, with respect and understanding for each other. Many years later, the second meeting takes place at Pips home down in Garden-court, in London. Once again, the weather coincidently repeats itself just like chapter ones setting of the first meeting, wretched weather; stormy and wet, stormy, and wet; and mud, mud, mud, deep in all the streets is described as a vast heavy veil which has been around for quite a while. We could suspect that each time Magwitch and Pip are about to meet, the weather acts as an indication of trouble brewing before the meeting has commenced. This is because the weather alters by deteriorating to damp, murky, and stormy, setting the mood or emotion of the meeting that is to take place. All in all, Charles Dickens has created the setting to be very disturbing and eerie, simply by using a savage array of negative words like wretched and savage, causing the setting to appear in a negative light. This makes the reader concerned and question what is to happen next in the meeting between Pip and Magwitch, for the second time. The very first meeting with Pip and Magwitch shows just how different and unique the two characters are when compared to one and other. The story is told by Pip as a grown man, explaining and looking back at his past using his infant tongue to tell the story. However, in the second meeting Pip is no longer a boy, but a mature man who is three-and-twenty years of age whom is narrator and protagonist of the novel, Great Expectations.

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Assessing the decline of the pub industry

Assessing the decline of the pub industry The Leisure Industry is one of the major part of UK economy and has many branches. The key components of UK leisure industry includes pubs, bars, restaurants, cinemas, sport and physical recreation, arts and entertainment, countryside recreation, home based leisure and activity based leisure. Pub industry plays a vital role in community cohesion and social life in Britain and attracts millions of tourists every year. Pubs are frequently remaining few places where communities come together to socialize. Mintel Report states that in 2008 the pub sector experienced some of the toughest trading conditions because of the reasons like smoking ban, licensing laws, credit crunch, changing dining habits and cheap supermarket booze. Despite facing the tough conditions it is still on top of the UK leisure industry holding maximum share. The following report will show changing trends in UK Pub industry along with analyses articles written on Pub industry and showing data taken from Mintel UK lei sure industry review report and then exploring the Pub industry information to possible events to be included within the portfolio. Smoking Ban Since the smoking ban was introduced there has been a marked decline in number of pubs in UK. There was an expectation that smoking ban would become more appealing to a wider consumer base such as women and families. The ban has shown the rise in the food business, however the loss of frustrates smokers has not been matched by the influx of new pub goers. Between 2004 and 2007 all of the four United Kingdom legislatures voted to introduce a ban on smoking in most enclosed public places and workplaces. The bans came after considerable debate centered around the risks of exposure to environmental tobacco smoke and especially on the likely impact of a ban on the hospitality industry and particularly Britains pubs. (Paraphrase It and give PUB Visiting Mintel referencing -According to an Office for National Statistics report (2008/09) on visiting pubs since smoking restrictions were introduced, by smoking status; one in four smokers went to the pub more often before the smoking ban, compa red to one in five non-smokers who go more often nowadays. Mintel Pub Visiting Report (2010) shows that while a third of consumers (32%) agree drinking outside the home is more enjoyable since the smoking ban, there are mixed reports as to whether the smoke-free laws have achieved the health benefits expected. A report by NHS Information in September 2009 stated that men over the age of 35 smoke fewer cigarettes than before the ban, but younger men have started smoking more since it was introduced. Positive findings from the report were that a third of smokers now stay at home to smoke instead of going out, resulting in adults being exposed to less second-hand smoke than before the ban. Credit Crunch, Changing Dining Habits, Higher Taxes and Cheap alcohol selling by supermarkets White (2009) states that the UK Pub industry is facing perfect storm and finding it hard to compete with cheap alcohol sold at supermarkets, a trend increasing amid the credit crunch. Mintel Report shows that pub sales declined after the increase in taxes with their new licensing laws done by government and recession which led in increase of alcohol sold at supermarkets resulting in people changing dining habits. In 2007 Pub industry earned 26000 million pounds however in 2009 UK Pub industry earning has been gone down to 24000 million pounds resulting in loss of 2000 million pounds. According to Pratten (2003) the reason for falling trade is the major changes in pattern of leisure. Home entertainment became increasingly popular with an increase in rented videos and television. When combining the greater varieties of take away food and the lower prices of alcohol at the off licenses and supermarkets, a night at home become more attractive to people and the use of licensed retail prem ises fell. Moreover people are more willing to save for foreign holidays. As shown in Figure 2.2, the value of market was showing an increase until 2007; however it dropped by 3.08 percent in 2008 and 4.76 percent in 2009. Muir (2009) states that the changing consumer taste in alcoholic beverages in one of the factor of long term decline. Beer is the mainstay of pub incomes and yet beer consumption has fallen significantly in the last thirty years as show in Figure 2. 3. The Pub Industry is also facing tough competition from alternative leisure pursuits. The relative affluence of the last decade saw a significant rise in the number of people eating out in restaurants and there was a threefold increase in the rate of new restaurant openings between 1992 and 2007. (BBC News Online 2007). According to Mintel Report (2009) there has been a sharp increase in number of live sports event attendees from 2004 to 2009. In Addition, there has also been a significant rise in cinema attendees in recent years, which reached a 38 year high in the summer of 2007(The Independent 2007). According to the figures published in BBPA Statistical handbook 2010, there was a sharp, 6% decline in total alcohol consumption in 2009, making it the fourth annual decline in five years. UK drinkers are now consuming 13% less alcohol than in 2004. UK consumption remains below the average for the EU The UK Pub licensees are also facing rising cost. Increased materials and utilities prices have been passed on by the brewers in the higher wholesale price of beer. A shortage of malting barley and rising demand for bio-fuels has seen barley prices increase faster than inflation. Packaging costs have also been driven up by rising energy prices (BBPA 2008b). Licensees have seen their own operating costs increase. For example licensees have had to spend increasing amounts on entertainment to stay competitive. A recent survey by the ALMR found that their members third largest cost was entertainment. The 2003 Licensing Act abolished the two in a bar rule which had meant that no licence was r equired for putting on two live performers. In addition many pubs rely on live football to bring people through the door and Sky television fees have continued to increase. These are calculated on the rateable value of the pub and this can be disproportionately expensive for small pubs in higher rated rural areas.(APPBG 2008). Why Pubs matter The UK Pubs act as hubs for the development of social network between local people. As per data shown in figure 3.1 by CAMRA Omnibus survey (January 2009) 36 percent of the people said that pubs were important for get together compared with local cafes and restaurants showing 20 percent and 15 percent for local shops. According to APPBG (2008) the pub industry amounts to 2 percent of national GDP and community pubs provide 350,000 full or part time jobs. Mintel (2010) latest report on Pub visiting shows that 34 pubs were closed per week which were drink led and 5 pubs were closed which were food-led between July to December 2009. According to CGA, the pub closure rate has slowed to 29 per week for the first six months of 2010. At it worse, the pub closure rate was 52 pubs per week.( Morning Advertiser 2010). In addition, government has unveiled measures to protect british pubs which include 3.3 million pounds to be spent on business support to make pubs more successful and to help communities buy into struggling premises to keep them open. Pubs will be allowed to extend into ventures including restaurants, gift shops and book shops without planning permission. (BBC News) In addition to this benefit, pubs add a great deal to UK economy and hold a highest share in UK leisure industry. As per data shown in graph below, Pub industry holds 35 % share of total leisure industry by earning 24000 million pounds in 2009 According to news published in Guardian the government would be consulting on the introduction of banning low cost alcohol sales. Report suggested that supermarkets will be banned from selling wine, beer and spirits below a national minimum price. Conclusion The UK Pub industry is more than retail business which act as a local institution for encouraging people to mix with others from different background. In recent years the pub industry has been hit hard with thousands of pubs closed due to recession, smoking ban, high rents. But in any downturn there are opportunities which are investing in an independent or managed Pub located in central place offering good variety of food and drinks along with warm and friendly environment. While the pubs remain biased towards men, pub needs to sell wine and ciders to attract women market. In addition, the steps taken by government to save pubs are a good option to invest in pub industry.

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romanticism Essays -- essays research papers

Romanticism and Rationalism Romanticism began in the mid-18th century and reached its height in the 19th century. The Romantic literature of the nineteenth century holds in its topics the ideals of the time period, concentrating on emotion, nature, and the expression of "nothing." The Romantic era was one that focused on the commonality of humankind and, while using emotion and nature; the poets and their works shed light on people's universal natures. Romanticism as a movement declined in the late 19th century and early 20th century with the growing dominance of Realism in the literature and the rapid advancement of science and technology. However, Romanticism was very impressionative on most individuals during its time. Rationalism or Realism was erected during the mid 19th century. Realism are ideas that are brought up in philosophical thinking. The realistic movement of the late 19th century saw authors accurately depict life and it's problems. Realists attempted to gi ve a comprehensive picture of modern life by presenting the entire picture. They did not try to give one view of life but instead attempted to show the different classes, manners, and stratification of life. The Rationalist recognizes that they must master their own destiny, using their unique powers of reason and the scientific method to solve problems. Such authors that represent these two eras are Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau, William Wordsworth and Charles Darwin. Romantics believed that one needed to understand nature to understand oneself. In other words, only through nature could one discover who they are. Emerson shows this in his writing called "Nature". In the exert "†¦man beholds somewhat as beautiful as his own nature." This depicts Emerson's feelings toward nature; view nature as you view yourself. If one views nature as caring and compassionate, one will also see themselves as caring and compassionate. Similarly if you understand na ture you will know yourself better. As one gains wisdom from nature, one begins to realize that understanding is a gate way to the divine as well as to oneself. Other writers also agreed with this notion of nature. In the essay "Walden" by Thoreau, Thoreau had left society to move into a shelter outside of his town. By living on only the necessities he lived his life as simple as he could, thus fin... ...eling of the lump of figures in the center of the raft. The X form of the composition draws your eye all around the composition. The eye starts at the top right with the Revolutionary figure holding on to a piece of cloth in the colors of the French Revolution and then is drawn down the diagonal. Gà ©ricault then depicts the striving, the dying, and the dead as they overlap each other in a fierce struggle to survive. The eye is then drawn up and down the dark opposing diagonal. This whole scene is then placed on the mighty ocean to delineate the fact that the raft is a metaphor for France being on a hostile ocean of depravity. The Grande Odalisque also typifies Romanticism. Ingres, using example such as the Mannerist Parmaganino’s Madonna with a long neck, takes the artistic license to elongate the figure of this Turkish harem girl. Influenced by the neo-classical revival Ingres draws upon the Greek technique of flat linear forms and depicts his model in an impossible pos ition allow us the view of both her shoulders and her breast; the figure is given an extra three vertebrae in order to maintain this position. Ingres endows a feeling of sensuality into the figure instead of the pai

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Mahathir’s Foreign Policy

The Foreign Policy of Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad during his premiership During eighties of last century, Malaysia was not widely known by the world. Only a few of politicians might hear about Malaysia not as an economic power, but as an agricultural country which is the main supplier of crude palm oil. This situation changed when Tun Dr. Mahathir became the fourth Prime Minister of Malaysia who has changed how the world judges and treats Malaysia. Besides of Tun Dr. Mahathir’s enormous contribution on economic sector, in foreign affairs also Tun Dr. Mahathir was also a giant of the times during his premiership.During his 22 years of premiership, he successfully transform Malaysia become one of the Tiger Cub Economies after Four Asian Tigers. As one of the important spokesman in Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), he aggressively promotes overall construction of ASEAN countries. This is a significant step to ensure the benefits of small countries are being protected b y forming a unified action guideline when having disputes with great power. In order to against with European Union and Organization of American States, there is a need for Asia countries to form regional alliances to protect loose countries’ benefits.This is what exactly the purpose of founding ASEAN. In spite of Tun Dr. Mahathir was not welcomed by western country during his premiership, yet his â€Å"Look East Policy† has inspired many Asia countries to learn from Japan and South Korea, not only blindly followed what western countries have done. This is highly related with Asian values, where it has catalyzed the progress of Look East Policy. In fact, Tun Dr. Mahathir did not neglect the influences of western country especially United States of America. He believe that USA is the main reason to ensure peaceful of Southeast Asia region, the deployment of the U.S. fleet in the Pacific is necessary yet at the same time he insist that no massive troops should be deploym ent at ASEAN. This is actually how Tun Dr. Mahathir weighs the influences of USA to benefit Malaysia and other ASEAN countries. Early in this century, as a sensible leader in Islamic world Tun Dr. Mahathir encourages the unity of Islamic world towards greater prosperity. He has been anti-state terrorism and anti-war all along his premiership and after Incident 911, he has suggested USA to set up a counterterrorism center in Malaysia.In issues of Israel and Jews, Tun Dr. Mahathir was a staunch supporter of Palestinian cause and he also named Israel as â€Å"the enemy allied with most powerful nations†. He condemns Israel who killed thousands of Muslims while some Jews are supporters to those killers. As a summary, the overall foreign policy under Tun Dr. Mahathir premiership is basically regional approach where most of his foreign policy is targeting prosperity of entire Southeast Asia. In spite many condemns from many people, yet Tun Dr. Mahathir still an excellence diplomat in heart of Malaysians.

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Why Do Ads Target Children?

Why do Ads Target Children? Have you ever been in an isle of a store and heard, but mom I really want this I saw it on television? This is a product of advertising. Since the late 1980’s children have emerged as a key demographic to marketers. Advertisements selling everything from the latest video game to the newest automobile are now targeted to the youth of our world. Children have buying power that sways their parents’ purchases, and they are the future consumer. Marketing to children is creating the children’s ability to nag a parent into purchases. Nagging or â€Å"Pester Power† is the most used strategy in the market today. The theory behind this is rather than going straight to the parent, give the child the buying power. Children are much more persuasive in the middle of a shopping trip than that commercial the parent heard two hours ago. Children often get their â€Å"wants† based on their persistence of needing a product. If someone asks you whether you want a Coke or Pepsi, you immediately know you're being asked about a carbonated cola beverage — with distinct yet subtle differences between the two. Which ever brand you choose, Coke or Pepsi shows that somewhere along the line you developed a preference for that product. In Advertising it is called product loyalty. Marketers use Repetition of products children have no current use for such as a Ford Truck to build brand recognition in hopes that as an adult they will buy that Ford verses the Chevrolet. It also works with things such as Cake mixes. A child watches the Betty Crocker cake mix ad, nags the parent into buying and using the product. Then in turn buys the product as an adult based on their experience as a child. The Market has seen a new angle to encourage children to buy brand X over the competitor’s product. Many schools have lost funding due to our economic downfall. So advertisers such as Campbell’s soup have come up with campaigns such as â€Å"Labels for Education†. Basically you buy their product. Send in the label and earn stuff for your school. This gives both children and parents a creditable reason for buying the product. Corporations are also gaining access to advertise in public schools in exchange for materials. Frito Lay will sponsor events in schools in exchange for tagging their logo n flyers advertising the event. Children are easily influenced by things they see. Nine times out of ten a child will pick the cereal with Hannah Montana on the box over the box that she’s not on. Since the days of radio children have been introduced to the idea that if I want to be a star I should eat the same cereals that the stars’ eats. The use of role mode ls and celebrities to influence children is used everywhere. If it is meant for the use or consumption of a child you will most likely find a celebrity attached to it. On average there are three televisions and one computer in every home. So it is no wonder how advertising can reach so many children. Just a child sitting down to do some school researches can be inundated with hundreds of advertisements in an hour’s time. A half hour television special contains at the least 10 minutes of commercials. Just about everywhere you look someone is trying to sell something. Although, children have no direct income of their own we often overlook their buying power. In today’s busy world parents have tendency to buy more to satisfy their children. From candy bars to flat screens never underestimate the buying power of a whining child.

Organisation and Control of Computer Operations Essay

The organisational structure of the company is quite straight forward and to the point and easy to understand. The company is split into two departments the computing department and Contracts team. Taira Zeb is the overall is the director of the company. Martin Gates is the Transport Manager of the daily operations team. He liaises with other companies to A2z Travel Uk Ltd can offer when they book with them. He explains to companies what special rates they can offer them if they book association or company booking outings. If the Company’s or associations are happy to sign any contract or booking with A2z Travel Uk Ltd he passes the contact details to the contract manager make them sign a contact or booking. The people working in Martin Gates team include: – * Wendy Gates (Contracts Manager) – the main role of Wendy Gates is to secure contracts and bookings also introduce discount under the authorisation of Martin Gates the Transport Manager. * Sandeep Uppal (Health & Safety Manager) – Bashir deals with health and safety issues within the company, and also liability issues whilst vehicles are in use by companies and groups. * Mohammed Zafreen (Head Mechanic) – deals with the vehicles checking them on a weekly basis checking for problems before they go to the outing it is booked for. Mohammed Zafreen is charge of checking if the all transport coaches are safe to drive on roads and all the paper work is up to date for example MOT, Car Tax before they are let out. Mohammed Zafreen also deals with daily maintenance for vehicles when he has the time to do so. * Asan Fazal (Assistant Mechanic) – deals with daily maintenance of the coaches on a daily basis. * Sandeep Uppal (Health & Safety Manager) – Sandeep Uppal deals with health and safety issues within the company, and also liability issues whilst its coaches are in use by A2z Travel Uk Ltd * Julia Wilson (Health & Safety Co-ordinator) -Julia Wilson works under Sandeep Uppal and deals with training in-house staff on health and safety issues under the guidance of Sandeep Uppal. The computing department is run by Asian Fazal who is the IT Manager. He deals with overall matters regarding hardware and software requirements for A2z Travel Uk Ltd, and is involved with all purchasing of hardware and software but before funds can be released to him the director must be with agreement with him. The people working in Asan Fazal team include: * Ahmed Hussain (Technician) -Tony deals with maintaining hardware/software with the company and resolve any network problems. * Andrew Dales (IT Security Manager) – deals with security producers and deals with viruses and have creped thought the network. * Praveen Patel (Backup Manager) – responsible for making sure all data has been backed up successfully the backup manger responsibilities ensure all backups are done daily and weekly basis and enforce backup procedures with in the company. The backup manager must ensure all backups kept in a safe place in a different location if for example all data was lost due to fire. * Wajid Gahni (Database Administrator) responsibilities include, database design, co-ordination and use of data integrity, up keep of data, and data maintenance to see if the data passed thought the database is not garbage. * Azard Amera (Security Assistant) she deals with daily security issues or given daily task to complete by the IT Security Manager * Frank Dean (Backup Assistant) responsible for backing up data on a daily basis every evening and reports back to the backup manager if he occurs any problems. He will contact the backup manager when a daily backup is co The Structuring 0f Computing Jobs Within The Organisation. IT Department Structure IT Manager – Asan Fazal Asian Fazal in A2Z Travel UK Ltd is of that to give support and guidance to the IT department on all computing issues within the organisation also chasing up things that the IT department need to do. Asian Fazal is responsible for work on internal projects and teams such as IT Security policies, hardware, software and backup policies. Asian Fazal has to enforce see policies otherwise there could be major Problems within the company. His job involves analyzing security requirements, evaluating safeguards, vulnerabilities, threats also opportunities. Asian Fazal job entails: – * Identify integration issues and develop solutions of computing systems within the company. * Coach and develop skills within a project team. * Lead project teams within the computing department. * Run the IT department to the highest standard. IT Security Manager – Andrew Dales Andrew Dales is responsible for all IT security integration issues within the computing network in the company, which include data Protection act, computer misuse act, IT security and privacy. Andrew Dales to deal with security breaches that has taken place also making high security risk into a low security risk. Andrew Dales ensures all passwords are used coherently and in accordance to the A2Z Travel UK Ltd IT Security and privacy policies. Andrew Dales deals with any seen or reported act of computer misconduct, and she ensures the company’s regulations of carrying out these procedures. Security Assistant – Azard Amera Azard Amera job involves assisting the Security Manager in security related issues. Azard Amera keeps on top of all the latest security, and virus software. Azard Amera has a list of jobs to do on a daily basis that he must complete. Azard Amera can take over the security manager role if he is sick or he can not attend for work Technician – Tony Seagull Tony Seagull who is the company technician manages, maintains and supports the company’s fundamental IT infrastructure. He is also responsible for the development of a completion of training programs for the users of the computer systems within A2Z Travel UK Ltd. Tony regularly comes to check the computers in working order on a weekly basis are as well as coming. He is also responsible for the hardware and software problems and any network issues that arrive. When the organisation decides to upgrade any of the hardware or software used the technician is responsible for carrying with the backup assistant if the work load is too much for him. The technician inputs ideas for what the company needs to the IT manager. Backup Manager – Praveen Patel Praveen Patel is responsible for backing up of all data used within the system. Back ups are carried out on a daily basis. (Every evening) These back ups are stored at the main site location. Weekly back ups are also taken from the system, these back ups are taken to a secure location off site. This is done so that if data is lost or corrupt at the main site, only a weeks worth of data is lost. Backup Assistant – Frank Dean Frank Dean is responsible for backing up data on a daily basis, and ensuring all security procedures are met. Database Administrator – Wajid Gahni As the database administrator Wajid Gahni has the responsibility and the role of: – – Co-ordinating the use of data in database management systems. – Providing support to the other departments. – Any changes made to the database must be approved by DBA. – Controlling access, performance, monitoring and tuning of the database. – Working with other computing team members to make sure the database is working to the highest performance. – This DBA gives different users different access rights to the system – The DBA resolves disputes that can occur with the Database. Privacy and Security Privacy â€Å"Privacy is the claim for individuals to be left alone, free from surveillance or interference from other individuals, organisations or the state†. (P59 lauden and lauden.) A2Z has about 10 computers, which they use to keep personal data about all drivers, coaches, routes and customers. Therefore all access to customers and staff information within the company is restricted to those authorised to see it. There are formal procedures that are followed for the allocation of access rights to users such as using a secure password, never telling anyone your password, changing passwords regularly and making sure that no staff members write their passwords down, such data should be memorised. At A2Z a single password is used so that users can log on to the system, this is secure as only members of staff have authority can log on to the system. An improved way of using passwords would be to assign each user with their own unique user name and password so that all unauthorised access is prevented. These passwords should be confidential and users removed from the system they leave the company. The company plan to implement a more secure password system in the near future to improve security. The use of data encryption would also be of great benefit to A2Z, as this would prevent any data being accessed from any other software applications, this would also be necessary when setting up individual unique passwords to access the system. Privacy Software The most interesting thing that we found out while we were at A2Z Travel International was that the two directors, have their own computers, which they work on. The computers have a lot of software installed on it but the most interesting software that we found installed on the computers was the Privacy Guardian 3.2 for Windows. When we asked the directors why they only have this installed on their computers they told us simply because they do not want anybody to know which internet sites they use and visit. Apparently this is something to do with the contracts they have with other companies. The directors admitted that occasionally they would view the contents on colleague’s hardware, including cache, cookies, index.dat and history. Privacy Guardian ensures that all traces of Internet and computer activities are permanently erased and unrecoverable from the PC. â€Å"Privacy Guardian is a safe and easy-to-use privacy protection tool that securely deletes online Internet tracks and program activity records that are stored in your browser and other hidden files on your computer†. SECURITY The Security of a system is a combination of its ability to support: * System Availability * Data Integrity * Data Confidentiality It is essential that all information must be protected against unauthorised access, theft and physical damage. Access to data should only be allowed to members of staff with authority, there might also be certain levels of security so that particular members of staff can only access certain data. Therefore all data in A2Z is kept in a secure locked office, with limited access. Backups of data are also kept on secure location off site for security reasons. Data protection act – The main objectives of the act are to make sure that any personal data stored in any computer related to a member of staff is accurate, used for only the purpose registered, kept up to date, and only available to those who are entitled to use the data. Any member of staff may ask for a copy of the data held in their record. It is a legal requirement to meet with the data protection act in any organisation, staff are also made aware of this and are given a copy of the companies data protection policy when they are recruited. CCTV – A2Z is a 24-hour coach service and therefore all gates are kept opened for drivers to enter and emerge, and so the need for CCTV is essential. CCTV is also used within the office; this can help to audit users activities on p.c’s. For instance if there was a problem experienced and it could not be confined to a particular member of staff the CCTV system could be used to view who was using the system at a particular time. There is CCTV placed in several places such as inside and outside the office and in the coach yard where the coached are parked. Equipment security – In order to minimise the loss or damage the equipment within the company is protected from security threats and environmental hazards. Regular backup copies of data are taken on a daily basis, which is done by Charles Stewart (Backup Assistant). Master software and backup data diskettes are kept in locked cabinets when not in use and they are also stored in a different location. It is vital for master copies to be kept elsewhere as data that is corrupted or destroyed in case of fire or theft, which will result in losing weeks/months of work, cannot always be replaced. Any computer is at risk from damage or theft. Theft is becoming more and more common amongst companies and organisations. To avoid losing thousands of pounds on buying more equipment to replace the ones that have been damaged or stolen, A2Z Travel international have insured all their equipment in the company. This insurance cover will compensate for the repair or replacement of the equipment and software. The use of security ties and lock help to protect the companies’ hardware, this is necessary as a number of drivers are continuously entering and emerging from the office. Security tags are also used on all of the hardware so that the equipment is identifiable in the event of theft or loss. All of the equipment is also registered with the manufacturer so that they are identifiable from the serial number. To further improve security the use of metal casings and security locks on devices such as printers to prevent any other member of staff apart from the technician from changing consumables etc, this helps maintain equipment as members of staff without I.T knowledge may damage the equipment when attempting to change consumables etc. Viruses – A large risk faced by A2Z is the possibility of downloading or receiving harmful viruses. There are a number of ways in which it is possible to contract a virus including the use of floppy disks, downloading data from the Internet or email. To reduce these risks it is the role of the I.T security manager to have an up to date anti virus software subscription. Even more important is the task of regularly updating this software as new viruses are regularly generated. Another security step taken by the organisation is to implement firewalls on all of the P.Cs used within the company. This helps to protect data and filter out any harmful files. The role of the technician includes updating all of this software and carrying out regular checks on all of the computers. Another precaution taken by the company involves completing regular windows updates on all machines used within the company. This keeps all Microsoft software up to date so that there is less risk of contracting any viruses or experiencing any problems with any software. Technical Security – This considers the security requirements, which are related to the technology within A2Z in particular IT networks, systems and equipment. Topics that are involved include: Hacking – This is an act to penetrate computer systems to gain knowledge about the system and how it works. A hacker is someone who is interested in computer programming and things that are related to the technical side of a computer. The damage a hacker can do is change a password so legitimate users are denied access, can smuggle another program onto the P.C, can steal credit numbers to obtain goods and services and can crash a system. A2Z uses up to data virus protection and Microsoft firewall applications to prevent any unauthorised access to the system. Bibliography Carroll, John Millar, (1987), Computer Security 2nd Edition,

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Roman Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Roman - Essay Example r for the blue faction is thought to have started racing at the age of 13 years or even younger (4) bringing in the question of whether the game was a reserve of adults or was open to everybody. This game was so well organized to an extent of associating rules of the game with religion. †sometimes the chariots would be called back to the starting line and the race would be started over, this may have been in response to the mistakes in religious rituals.’’(Footnotes (1)). Even though there is no specific reason for each charioteer being called back, the reasons are summed up to religious factors or foul play a test for which all of them failed. This alone shows earlier religious life of the charioteers as well as all the participants. Apart from unavailable family attachments of the gamers, it is also evident as a common factor among all the charioteers that their lives ended earlier than normal for those whose details are documented about the year of death. This plus other factors points to the question of whether the lives of the charioteers was had a commonality. From the documented facts from all the sources, the motivation seemed not only to be the prices but also the national recognition. Some even went ahead to build and inscribe monuments by themselves while still alive. Publius Aelius Gutta who is also known to have won a sixteen chariot race four from each color and with a documented father built his own monument while still alive (10). His life just like the rest of the charioteers was riddled with races with many victories, recalls, first runner-up and third runner-up positions. For others who did not build their monuments while still alive, had them built by other people. Their characters, poems as well as victories were written on their tomb and an altar built on their names for any passer-by to read and get to know them (6). A good example is that of Fuscus whose competition was praised even after his death. It is not indicated whether he

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WITHHOLDING INFORMATION CASE Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

WITHHOLDING INFORMATION CASE - Research Paper Example Negotiation process entails three primary ethical systems that provide the guidance for the parties participating; for instance, the ethics of purposes, ethics of principles or the ethics of the consequences. Ethics of purposes takes in principles in relation to the Aristotles views concerning the ethics. Aristotle argued that human beings are just naturally good and, as a result, will have no obligation to work with the objectivity of realizing the positive fruits at the end of the work session (Falvo, 2011). However, the same human beings must use the positive ways and means of getting to the conclusion of the matter before them. As result, such negotiations that tend to ignore the ethics presented in this view may not, in this case, reach the positive end of the matter. In the case of the ethics of principle, the principle presents its arguments in relation to the deontological ethics of Emmanuel Kant. Kant argued that human beings are always irrational and, as a result, will strive towards doing that particular activity that is right as the society expects that from them always. In addition, the human beings under this form of ethics will only adopt the use of the rational ways of doing activities and intern realizing what they intend to achieve their objective plans. Negotiators who go for the option of this principle apply the methodologies considered to be of rational and appropriate so as to find the solution to the problem (Cohn, 2007). The case of the ethics of the consequences takes care of the analysis of the possible outcomes of the present actions. As a result, this form of ethics finds it way of use among people in the evaluation of the actions from the positive outcomes of the most concerned parties in the negotiation process (Falvo, 2011). Consequential ethics, on the other hand, does not consider the importance of the means used to reach the goals.

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The City of Hong Kong Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

The City of Hong Kong - Research Paper Example The city is surrounded by the South Sea of China on the south, west and east and borders Shenzhen city to the northern part over the river of Shenzhen. The 426 sq m. territory consists of Kowloon peninsula, New Territory and Hong Kong Island. Hong Kong’s land area is the 179th largest populated territory in the globe. Despite of being intensely urbanized, the city has tried to promote a green pollution free environment. Recent growing concern of public about the environment has prompted the harsh restriction of future land reclamation. The city’s environment has suffered from the increasing population as well as from the ever increasing rate of pollution (Goldcast, 167). Nearly about 80% of the smog of Hong Kong used to originate from several parts of Pearl River Delta. Population Density The population density of Hong Kong is 6782.92 as reported in the year 2010. Population density in Hong Kong is 6696.5. In terms of population, it is the largest city within China. In Hong Kong, urban agglomerations’ population of more than 1 million is 6982287.0. In terms of percentage, it is more than 100%. Raw Material, Principle Products and Industries The city is not enriched with raw materials. The territory has limited natural resources and little arable land. Therefore, the city used to import most of its raw materials and foods from other countries. The agricultural activity is not that much important to the economy of Hong Kong. The agricultural activity used to contribute just 0.1% of its total GDP. The city is the 11th major trading entity of World. Moreover, Hong Kong is world’s largest re-export sector. The city is the major and one of the leading producer and exporter of textiles, watches, toys, apparels, plastics and electrical appliances (Siu & Ku, 159). In Hong Kong, the major leading industries are financial services, Tourism, Logistics & Trading and professional & producer services. These industries are the driving force of the e conomic growth of the country under consideration. These specific industries used to provide impetus to growth of various sectors and help to generate employment. Competitive Advantage and Production of Goods The logistics and trading industries used to consolidate different production and economic activities. Moreover, it used to help the problem of unemployment. This particular industry currently has employed more than 770,000 employees. This industry significantly contributes to one quarter of the Chinese GDP. Due to the drastic change in the market demand, the trading industry is tending to provide highly value added trading and logistic services. Hong Kong is gradually developing into regional distribution centre for its highly valued products. This used to differ from the conventional role in the transporting elements such as finished and semi-finished goods. The city has superior control over the distribution system of superior valued goods. Moreover, the logistics industry o f Hong Kong has the potential to expand its regional services of trading and logistics. These are the competitive advantages of the Hong Kong trading that have strengthen the position of Hong Kong as the logistical hub. It has been discussed earlier that Hong Kong is not enriched highly with natural resources and raw materials. The city is famous for the apparel and textile goods, toys and electronic appliances. Currently the city has increased its import activities of these goods. It is