Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Electric Cars Are Going to Be the Future Essay

Nearly every household in America owns a gas powered vehicle, which pollutes our environment daily. Our society needs to consider furthering its knowledge and use of electric cars. Pollution of our environment must come to a halt in every situation possible in order to save the future of our atmosphere. I believe that the switch from gas-powered cars to electric cars is a very necessary and reasonable approach to save the environment. Several different car manufacturers have already began making efforts to adapt their vehicles to become more environmentally safe products. Although our country runs off oil and its proceeds, we can still attempt to make conversions that will lead to an overall positive impact on the United States. Making the switch to electric cars that run solely on renewable energy is a very wise economical and green decision. Our environment is long overdue for help in making it a better place for living in. The way we plan to make the environment better for living is by eliminating pollution altogether. The world annually emits approximately 8. 3 billion tons of carbon and about four billion tons will remain in the atmosphere for thousands of years. The switch to electric cars is an easy accomplishment because the technology is already at the tip of our hands. The United States will benefit a great deal after the switch from gasoline cars to electric cars is achieved. After learning the facts, the reasons are oblivious as to why electric cars are more efficient than hydrogen cars. The technology is already prepared for mass production. The negative environmental effects of production and driving the car are minimal. Manufacturers have already succeeded at innovating designs and specific features into the vehicles to assure the public’s satisfaction. With all of this in mind, it is vital to realize that the main goal of individual transportation is to enable people to get where they need to be when they need to be there. Ideally, there should be extremely limited environmental consequences when transporting in a perfect world, there would be none. Therefore, engineers and car manufacturers are not fixing the problem as a whole with their efforts to revolutionize automobiles, but every step forward counts. Instead of being content with the advancements, car manufacturers and engineers should continue to explore the world of environmentally safe opportunities to bring forward into the public eye. One of the most widely known alternatives to gasoline in America is hydrogen or biodiesel. Some might argue that hydrogen-powered or biodiesel-powered cars are more efficient than electric-powered cars, but they are not even close. Hydrogen cars are more expensive to fuel. The hydrogen car costs about three dollars per gallon, which totals around fifteen cents per mile, while the electric car pays in kilowatt-hours, which totals about two cents per mile. The average hydrogen car costs about one million dollars and the technology is just not there yet. It would cost excessively much to install hydrogen fueling stations and biodiesel pumps when it would be much easier and more reasonable to install a greater amount of electrical outlets across the world. Although, electric cars are more expensive to buy off the dealership lot they outperform the regular gasoline cars physically and economically. The electric car overall is cheaper to maintain, but unfortunately, after about ten years the lithium ion batteries start to drain out, but instead of buying a brand new car every so many years all you would have to do is replace the batteries. In the end, this will be a very good deal. The electric alternative technology is already here compared to other alternatives like ethanol, biodiesel, and hydrogen, yes, these are all great ideas, but the technology is just not readily available to us. Therefore, we should not even bother with these alternatives at all. Lastly, the gasoline cars that we use today waste power by constantly burning gas when the car is not in motion, whereas electric cars do not waste power when the car is not in motion.

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