Friday, October 18, 2019

Response to Progressive Reforms Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Response to Progressive Reforms - Essay Example The writer of rough draft 2 is of the opinion that progressive reformers did restrain the power of American capitalism. According to the writer, the progressive reformers were successful in their quest by demanding better-working conditions, regulating the economy, and fighting for women rights. The writer’s draft captures the socio-economic part of the reform movement but does not expound on the political aspects that the reformers sought to improve. As such, this draft would be improved by noting that progressive reformers had an impact on American politics by changing the policies and principles that the nation was founded on.   Progressive reformers had an impact on domestic policies as they advocated for the protection of the poor and workers from capitalists tendencies through anti-trust laws. Also, progressive reformers called for redistribution of resources and government regulation of commerce and production. Mooney also notes that progressives advocated for governm ent regulation in the employment of women (60).   The government instituted reforms that enabled poor Americans benefit from the available resources and also regulated aspects regarding commerce and production.   As such, the basis of today’s liberalism that permeates in American politics has its roots from progressivism, showing that indeed progressive reformers affected the political sphere as much as the socio-economic aspects.   The quote to apply and best answer the question as the writer intended would be that the reforms.

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