Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Art and Protest Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Art and Protest Paper - Essay Example It is what makes us be well rounded and thoughtful human beings. Art exists in our daily life Art is created when a person, with the intention of joining another person or other people to himself so as to share one feeling expresses that feeling through certain external actions. To give an example: if a boy experiences, let us say, fear after encountering a wolf and relates to that that encounter, he may narrate that encounter to others in order to evoke the feeling of what he has experienced in other people. Even if the boy had not encountered a wolf but he was afraid of one, he may decide to evoke this fear in others by inventing an encounter with a wolf which he recounts to his listeners. This is a form of art. In the same way, it is art if a man, who has experienced either the attraction of enjoyment or the fear of suffering, expresses his feelings in marble or on canvas so that others share in these feelings. It is also art if a man imagines feelings and decides to express them through sounds so as to affect their feelings (Karen 2). Source: http://protestgraffiti.blogspot.com/ We cannot deny that art comprises a large portion of our daily life that we hardly even pause to think about it (Jasper 130). Everything we use from tables, desks are works of art because somebody designed them. That is art. We can as well define art as something that is functional and in most cases aesthetically pleasing the eyes. Art is always in a constantly changing state making it difficult to pin down a specific definition to it. The type of art will differ from one artist to another. For some, art is used as a means expression through the creation of fictional characters. For others, it is the establishment of a world no one else has seen (Jasper 140).   When it comes to writing, each and every writer is different. Some writers may spend an entire paragraph describing how a character moves across a room while other will directly state that the character moved across the roo m. Some will use a ton of punctuations when writing their poetry; others use just the basic amount, while others don't use any punctuation at all.  Some poets will always use perfectly rhyming words while others will prefer an open verse. A good example is Rick Riordan, a top seller yet he is a simplistic writer. In contrast Stephanie Meyer uses a lot of detail and is also a top seller. Writing As Art Using the stroke of a paintbrush, a painter expresses himself on the canvas. Add more paint, broader strokes, different colors and the artist gets an image, a creation. Just like a painter, with the stroke of his pen, a writer begins a creation, a work of art. By arranging words and sentences, the writer creates a big picture just like a painter uses paint and brush to produce a picture. Art involves creating significant or beautiful portrayals. When we picture the things that stir us and move us emotionally, many of them are pieces of writing. Some of them are hundreds of years old, but they still contain the power to elicit visceral and powerful responses. When we think of any sonnets by William Shakespeare, Martin Luther King’s ‘I Have A Dream’ speech or the Declaration of Independence we are reminded of the emotional moments when they were read out (Hooper 65). The word contained in these writings are no less powerful today than the when they were first heard yet it is many years since they were composed. This is the essence of art, to evoke emotions. There are hundreds of

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