Friday, March 13, 2020

The Future of Food Production Essays - Cuisine, Food, Sustainability

The Future of Food Production Essays - Cuisine, Food, Sustainability The answers for the given questions based on reading, The Future of Food Production by Sam Forman. 1.What is the text subject matter? The future of food production 2.Who could the writers audience be? How do you know? Common people who consumes food and government authorities. 3.What is the writers purpose? (Which of the six typical purposes that inform writing)? The writers general purpose is to show that something exists. In this article Sam Forman deals with the prevailing system of production of food production and challenges faced by consumers. 4.What is the writers claim or thesis? Restate it in your own words The main thesis of the article is that the American food production system needs to be changed in order to assure that common people can consume healthy food items and to protect the neutrality of the environment. 5.How does the writer organize his/her argument in the body of the text (meaning what are the major types of thought the writer uses to organise the argument)? In this article Sam Forman argues about the both advantages and disadvantages of local farming and industrial production of food. Though the local farms are good at producing quality products and well known for treating animals it is expensive and have only limited market opportunity. Local farms will never succeed in feeding the whole country. While industrial food production is cheaper and produce to feed the whole country, it is not sustainable and spread pollution and diseases. 6. What is the writers concluding thought, and what kind of conclusion is it? Sam Forman concludes the article by pointing the importance of achieving sustainability. The food production system should be able to operate in its current state. Food must be produced in manner that respects the plants and animals that we consume.