Sunday, September 8, 2019

Using appropriate conceptual support, critically evaluate the City of Case Study

Using appropriate conceptual support, critically evaluate the City of Pittsburgh approach to cloud adoption. Were they successful in their cloud implementation Why or why not - Case Study Example Data and software packages are permanently kept in servers on the internet. It allows an access to information anywhere anytime as long as one has electronic devices like; desktops, tablets, computers, hand-held sensors and many others ( The basic requirement to retrieve information from cloud is the internet connection. One must establish the internet connection either through wired or wireless internet or mobile broadband connection. You can now access the same information using different devices in a different location at different time. That is why it is the best option to use in your business as anyone who is connected to the internet can work on documents anytime anywhere. There are different types of clouds that depend on what one needs. Public cloud –if you want anyone who is internet connected can access the cloud space. Private cloud-is for specific individuals or organization. It can limited public access as one may be required to use passwords to access this type of cloud. Community cloud- is shared amongst two or more organizations that share similar cloud necessities. Hybrid cloud is a combination of two or more types of clouds. It is a mixture of public, private or communal. In this essay we are going to evaluate on how the City of Pittsburgh approached the cloud connectivity and if they were successful (Markoff, 2010). City of Pittsburgh needed the cloud computing to operate its numerous social activities including schools and recreation centers like football pitches and state of art hospitals, economic activities like steel mining and political activities in governance and administration of the city. The city had started experiencing problems like; employees increasingly demanding to use the mail services and the increase in the cost of maintaining the servers, underfunded retirement funds, rising cost

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