Monday, September 9, 2019

Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 3

Assignment Example (15 reasons, n.d) Another good form of enhancing and staging presence of the product and company over the internet is by selecting various other forms of advertising available online. Some of the important ones are social networking websites, search engine optimization, banners (paid advertising), linking strategies, public relations. i) Social network websites: This is one of the recent forms of online advertising, here website like face book, twitter etc are used to gain exposure and online presence. The use of sponsored videos in you tube will also attract site traffic. ii) Search engine optimization: Today there are hundreds of millions of websites and only about 10-20 % of the websites are ever really indexed, therefore it is important for the optimization of web pages with key words and phrases, different types of software are available for search engine positioning.(Ralph ,2000) iii) Banners (paid advertising): These graphical or animated promotions on websites advertise products in a very stimulating manner. The incorporation of this in the advertising strategy will help a great deal. Sites like you tube, google and other gaming websites will help in reaching targeted audience and increasing traffic on the desired website. (Banner ads) iv) Linking Strategies: This basically means that more links pointing to the website there more traffic generated and the greater the popularity the higher the rank in the search engines. The monetary input in quite expansive. v) Public Relations: Attaining of several press releases and coverage through print or internet publications will help boost traffic many folds over, this nature is mostly free and has proved to be very effective. (Ralph ,2000) Activation: This website is not very interactive, it does not possess options such as detailed information on the product, options to purchase,

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