Saturday, September 7, 2019

New Doha International Airport Design and Construction Research Paper

New Doha International Airport Design and Construction - Research Paper Example Area 3 includes airport terminal facilities, while Area 4 includes landscaping and support buildings for the airport. The New Doha International Airport is designed to cover more than 22 square kilometers of land, which amounts to about one quarter the size of the old city of Doha, and about 3 times the size of the existing airport in Doha. The airport is designed to cater to as many as 50 million people, 2 million tones of luggage, and also handle as many as 320,000 aircraft takeoffs and landings per year. â€Å"By opening day, as many as 8,700 passengers can go through the terminal complex in a single hour. The airport’s eastern runway will be 4,850 meters long, only150 meters shorter than the longest commercial runway in the world at Ulyanovsk-Vostochny International Airport in Russia. By opening day, the 350,000+ square meter passenger terminal facility will be the largest building in Doha, covering an area equivalent to 50 full size football pitches. As such, it will be bigger than Doha’s City Center Plaza which has an internal area of 290,000 m2. Flights and passenger processin g facilities will be organized in a way to minimize walking distances for various travelers. Moving walkways will also help to shorten the distances to the contact gates. The new airport check-in and retail areas alone will be big enough to squeeze in ten wide body aircraft. When completed, this area will be about 12 times bigger than the retail and check-in areas at the existing facility, making the journey through check-in much quicker, and the shopping experience more varied.† (Airport Technology - New Doha International Airport, Qatar). The New Doha International Airport is designed to be one of the most advanced airports in the world, and will serve as home to Qatar Airways, which is a leading airline worldwide. The airport is designed to be able to handle operations of some of the biggest passenger planes in the

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