Friday, June 14, 2019

Leadership Styles Change Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Leadership Styles Change - Essay ExampleFurther more the definitions suggest that there need to be an invisible force to touch people to do something in return. It could also be deduced from the definition that having a motivated work force or an environment in which high levels of penury are maintained remains a challenge for todays management. This challenge may emanate from the simple fact that motivation is not a fixed feature -as it could change with changes in personal, psychological, financial or social factorsAgainst this background, this paper examines this paper examines how different leadership styles changes with respect to the practical application of Theory X and possibility Y. The first part of the paper examines theory X and Theory Y, while the second part if the paper looks at different leadership styles. In the ternary part of the paper, looks at and presents relevant conclusions and recommendations.According to Mac Gregory in this theory, management assumes emp loyees are inherently lazy and will avoid work if they can. The researcher posits elevate that workers inherently dislike work need to be closely supervised through a comprehensive system of control. The theory X of Mac Gregory foster assumes that, a hierarchical structure is needed with narrow span of control at each level. According to this theory, employees will show little ambition without an tantalising incentive program and will avoid responsibility whenever they can. Leadership in Theory X tends to believe that everything must end in blaming someone. He or she thinks all prospective employees are only out for themselves (Friedlander, 1966). 1.2 Theory YAs opposed to theory X, Mac posits that, employees are ambitious, self-motivated, and exercise self-control. Mac stipulates yet that employees enjoy their mental and physical work duties. A Theory Y leader believes that, given the right conditions, most people will want to coif in the best effort to do their work effective ly. Leaders of theory Y believe that the satisfaction of doing a good job is a concentrated motivation. Many people interpret Theory Y as a positive set of beliefs about workers. A close reading of The Human cheek of Enterprise reveals that McGregor simply argues for managers to be open to a more positive view of workers and the possibilities that this creates. Theory X and Y are not different ends of the equal continuum. Rather they are two different continua in themselves. Thus,

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