Saturday, June 15, 2019

The Ethics of Teaching Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

The Ethics of educational activity - Essay ExampleThe case 16 -1 Out of Step in the volume The Ethics of Teaching A Casebook by Spiegel, Whitley, and Balogh is a perfect situation which needs to be opposed.The sexist humor of Professor Anachronistic in the case is a perfect example of diversity and only strong opposition to such behaviors can serve the good purpose of teaching. Sexist discrimination by learned people cannot be tolerated at any rate and teachers with such attitudes can devalue the status of this noble profession.There are alike views which support the attitude of Professor Anachronistic who enjoys a sexist humor approach to making his point. They claim that such comments are not too condemnable, but need to be taken in a lighter spirit. According to this view, teachers need to enjoy such humorous sense in keeping the divert of the students.However, according to my personal opinion, the attitude and the comments by Professor Anachronistic must be regarded as an i ncursion into private and sexual freedom. Sex is now all the way an issue in public policy and strong actions must be made on such individuals who cause sexual discrimination. (David, 1983, p 141).Spiegel, Patricia Keith., Whitley, Bernard E., and Balogh, Deborah Ware. (2002). The Ethics of Teaching A Casebook. Taylor & Francis. p 181.

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