Thursday, June 13, 2019

The importance of the victims in the criminal justice process Essay

The importance of the victims in the criminal justice process - Essay showcaseThe intention of this study is victimology as a term originating from a study of victims of crime. It is important to affirm that the victim of a crime remains at the stub of the criminal justice process. To give support to this argument, this paper discuses the four major persuasions of victimology. In positivist perspective, the subject of a victims contribution to a crime is explored. This perspective gives the view that in any criminal action, there have to be significant socio-cultural contributors that lead to a person becoming a victim of a crime. The underlying fact here is that there cannot be a crime without a victim of the same. In offering retribution through the justice system, it is, therefore, of the essence(p) to analyze the impact of a victims participation for the criminal justice system to be fair in their judgment. The critical theory of victimology, on the other hand, examines the r esponses of the dissimilar stakeholders in a criminal justice system. In this theoretical approach, the victim still plays a pivotal role. From the perspective of activist or humanists, their support is center on providing a healing or the pursuit for justice or any form of retribution for the victims of different types of crime. The intention of the judicial system, the main intention is to serve justice to the victims of a crime. It is, therefore, effective to conclude that the victim of a crime remains pivotal to the criminal justice process.

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