Thursday, June 20, 2019

The Lottery by Shirley Jackson Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 4

The Lottery by Shirley Jackson - Essay ExampleThe townspeople all stone the winner to death at the end. The story, in effect, goes to prove the mindlessness of ritual. I agree that all around us people perplex to rituals despite evidence that proves their futility and the detrimental effect thereof.It has always been quotidian people, and not especially vile or depraved ones, who have held strongly to rituals, and it is always these people who have carried out and condoned acts of savagery in the name of ritual. This national is present in the story as well. It seems that Shirley Jackson has shown common townsfolk in the story to emphasize this very point. Jackson has, for instance, portrayed Mrs. Hutchinson as a common housewife, busy with her househ ancient works and taking care of her family. Upon being late at the event, she comments nonchalantly how she was busy washing the dishes (Jackson). Common people cling on to ritual and this is their way of defying the changing times.P eople do not take well to change. There is something within us, I feel, that makes us want to fade for days gone by and for things we are accustomed to. This comfort is given to them through rituals as well. There is a certain nostalgia, as well as comfort, in performing rituals that makes them so hard to give up. When there is talk among the townsfolk about people in other villages giving up the lottery, an rare man (Old Man Warner, to be exact) retorts how there is nothing just trouble in that (Jackson). His way of defending the lottery is not only that it is good for them, but also that theres always been a lottery (Jackson). This is an interesting take, because it illustrates how the archaic nature of the ritual lottery is what gives it credence in the eyes of the old man. However, all in all it seems, there is not equal thought given about the ritual itself, and merely the fact that it has always been done is enough for it to continue.The very essence of a ritual is normall y lost upon those who practice it. I

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