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Respirtory case study Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Respirtory case study - Essay ExampleIt can also be due to the allergic rthinitis, as come up as the rhinitis that occurs following an environmental irritant. The endurings condition might be indicating that he or she has influenza infection. Part 2 In order to reach at a conclusion concerning the diligents condition, certain questions are essential in helping eliminate some of the chain of suspected diagnosis (Bass, 2004). Following the initial physical examinations, the patient was said to have a prolonged coughing that is persistent with chest pressure emit to the back. This implies that in order to be sure that the patients case is not as a result of acute cough or greens cold, such questions as how often do you sneeze or at what frequency do you sneeze, do you feel any sort of obstruction in your nose do you feel any irritation in your throat, have you been experiencing a postnasal drip lately, shall be of use. The rationale tail these questioning is that, in case, the p atient presents signs of irritation and lacrimation in her/his throat, nasal obstruction, signs of sneezing, signs of postnasal drip, with a normal chest, and possibly rhinorrhea, then common cold or acute cough shall be responsible for(p) for the patients conditions. On the contrary, if the patient fails to show this signs, then common acute cough may be ruled out of the realizable causes of the patients condition. ... The rationale behind asking this question is based upon the idea that the patient is a smoker and thus prone to noxious particles from tobacco pot that can end up triggering an abnormal inflammation response in the patients lungs. In ascertaining if the patients condition suggest anything that he/she is influencer affected, the essential questions shall be do you feel feverish or chilly, has your sore throat lasted for more than 3 days, do you experience frontal or retro-orbital worry and how severe is it, do you have any burning sensations, or pain upon motion, do you feel weak or fatigued when performing normal activities, do you experience shortness of breath and pains in your chest. A range of questions set above are meant to help rule out influencer as the possible cause of the patients condition. Part 3 lungs shall be the vital system that I would checked by performing lung functioning tests. The rationale behind checking the lungs is that at admission, the patient was said to be a smoker, and had cough accompanied by chest pressure radiating to the back. This implies that smoke particles must be the causal agent for patient Ps condition. Part 4 Diagnostic tests The Recommended treatment plan for each of the Differential Diagnoses Diagnosis of the exacerbation of the chronic hindering pulmonary disease needs lung function tests Diagnosis of acute cold require laboratory tests. b. Therapeutic regimens Acute cold due to common cold can be treated with dexbrompheniramine plus naproxen and pseudoephedrine. Ipratropium for relieving rhino rrhea and sneezing along with zink Lozenges. Antibiotics for treating bacterial infections due to bacterial sinusitis. In treating the exacerbation of the

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