Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Parallel Universes Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Parallel Universes - rise Exampleing with private life issues continue to pose a great challenge in the legal setting bearing in mind that there is no standard regulations to handle similar cases. The ascribable Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment regulates interference with privacy by stipulating that no state has the capacity to clean anyone life, liberty, or property without collectable execution of the law (Williams, 2010). In a school setting, the substantive due process offers the state some powers to regulate certain activities thusly effective handling of teachers controversial lifestyles that mightiness interfere with reputation or ability to perform. In cases of ignition or charges against any teacher fair to middling explanation of the evidence must be provided though the due process does not prescribe reasons for dismissal apart from the procedures (Alexander & Alexander, 2011).The law provides directions to regulate behavior while at times it may not be ver y effective in explaining to what point the standards of behavior should be. At times double standardization is obvious though the law plays its part by dictating the necessary procedures. The school officials must be very lively when dealing with out-of-schools manoeuver since not all jurisdictions have adopted the connexion theory. The nexus theory holds it that teachers off-duty conduct might negatively affect his/her teaching effectiveness hence the need to discipline behaviors (Elis, 2010). In regard to the precepts of the theory, more emphasis is attached to the impact of the teachers off-duty conduct hence disciplining in peer measure.The community standards also influence to a great extent issues involving teachers out-of-school conduct. Depending with the responsiveness and awareness of the community to initiate a course of action towards out of conduct issues, behaviors may be encouraged or discouraged. For instance, as illustrated in the table the response is not eq ual in weight in the rural setting as compared with the

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