Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Nursing journal article on lupus and alternative treatment Essay - 1

Nursing journal article on lupus and alternative treatment - Essay ExampleLupus is a disease whereby the immune systems of the body attacks the normal and profound body tissues thus contributing to various complications such as swelling, damage of the skin, joints and kidneys or heart. Therefore, the article addresses near the issue of lupus and the alternative treatment measures for the disease. The author approaches the problem through caring out statistical psychoanalysis and reveals the case speculate survey of some patients who employs alternative treatment approaches for relieving pain.The author approaches the problem through conducting study analysis in order to obtain effective results about lupus disease and the alternative treatments. First, the author engaged varied case studies, which include people who have been diagnosed with lupus and reveals the ideas provided by doctors on the process of carrying out enquiry on this disease. For instance, the author reveals som e study analysis conducted by Garbett, who was diagnosed with lupus (Kertesz, 2012). Garbett and other physicians from the associate fellowship program, genus Arizona University conducted the research study in order to determine the issues of lupus and the alternative treatment for this disease. The study carried out reveled that Garbett was fitted to cope up with the discomfort nature caused by lupus disease through eating of a match diet. According to Kertesz (2012), Garbett followed proper diet by taking good carbohydrate, low fat levels, omega-3 juicy acids and enough fruits.Secondly, the author carried out research study concerning the issue of lupus and he thus found that overwhelming enough vitamins, herbs and visiting the reflexologist provides temperance for the disease. Although the study results revealed that these are not effective herbal medicaments, they can relief the pain. The case study of Beck Brown and Garbett reveals the effective medicines for relieving pain . However, there are other complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) therapies offered to

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