Friday, May 10, 2019

Global prespective Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words - 1

Global prespective - Essay ExampleThe rustic has been describe as one of the most stable Middle Eastern economies with a relatively good aegis situation. Since the gulf war in which the country was involved, Qatar has been a peaceful haven for business activities in the area. The politics plays a huge role in the determination of what businesses should or should not run. The government has in new-fashioned times executed heavy censorship in the liquor and food businesses to the point of being tyrannical where different liquor business have been closed and no explanation offered for the same. Other businesses have just run independently. The country has good bilateral relationships with the United States and there are many US companies operating(a) in the area hence it will be easy to establish our operations. American workers and companies face a little discrimination in the country as the countrys leadership attempts to maintain a pious escort elsewhere while projecting the w est as corrupt. There are however, no incidences of extreme fundamentalism.Qatars scrimping is hugely oil-based. The country has huge oil reserves that are estimated to last at least some other century. The country has attempted to diversify from petroleum although it still accounts for more than 50% of the countrys Gross Domestic Product. The country embraces the ideals of free trade with limitation to business enterprises that have a connection with the Sharia law. The country has an trenchant tertiary industry with easily accessible banking and insurance services. The Qatar Financial center affords financial institutions globally agonistical services, capital support and no interest loans(Forbes, 2012).The country has a cheap and efficient road trance owing to the low prices of petroleum and word-class road network. Communication is as developed with good internet and bid coverage. The country has a good number of local and international media

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