Thursday, May 9, 2019

Case Study Comparisons Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Case Study Comparisons - Essay Examplepaper also analyzes the greatness of CDHPs and how they help the insured understand and use information regarding costs as presented by the Institute of medicine et al (2010) et al. Additionally, it provides in depth analysis of why CDHPs are comparatively cheaper compared to health maintenance organization and PPO send offs (The Balser Group, 2013). To this end, the paper presents a comparative analysis of the available health insurance plans with an objective of determining the most feasible plan for an individual with no access to any form of federal assistance.Following the above analysis of PPO, HMO and CDHP plans, the benefits of CDHP plan far much outweigh its disadvantages, and offers comparatively better benefits compared to the other plans explored. For instance, the program offers additional and/or supplemental medical benefits to the insured. Further, research show that the program is popular among employees because it offers more design flexibility, and is favored by employers due to its package that allows employers to promote consumerisms and a framework for educating and motivating employees to be active participants concerning their individual health management. However, it is worth noting that enrolment of CDHP plans still lags behind PPO plan, this is attributed to the fact that PPO plans have high deductibles, thereby yielding agile lower costs compared to CDHP. However, a point to note is that such an argument is skewed since employee objective is never concerned solely with immediate lower premium costs hence we expect the trend to motley in the near future.Institute of Medicine (U.S.), Yong, P. L., Olsen, L. A., McGinnis, J. M., & National Academies Press (U.S.). (2010).Value in health sustenance Accounting for cost, quality, safety, outcomes, and innovation workshop summary. Washington, D.C National Academies

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