Thursday, April 18, 2019

Structural Frame(Jumeriah hotels ) Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Structural Frame(Jumeriah hotels ) - Assignment ExampleAll these missions be headed by a chairperson and they involve a chain of employees with defined functions. The investment and allocation committee is further divided into three committees including the asset focusing committee, the operations committee, and the development committee, all headed by a chairperson. The decision maker committee is also divided into three groups including the risk management working group, the medical run working group, and the fraud and ethics working group. Authority has been delegated to the executive director committee by the board of director.The management committees operate under the executive committee that has delegated authority to them. The working groups also directly report to the executive committee. This approach to management has been effective for Jumeirah Hotels given that it groups individuals with specialized abilities and skills under a single department to conserve effici ency. Each of the functional units in the organization focuses on a particular aspect of the services in an attempt to ensure quality customer service (Daft, 2010, p. 104). The top management, in which case is the board of directors and the executive committee headed by a chairperson, coordinates all the functions of the different committees into a single cohesive effort towards showdown organizational goals (Jumeirah Group, 2014). This approach could be risky to the organization as the hospitality industry fluctuates rapidly, especially in the contemporary society. In addition, the organizational structure is efficient in environments where the business environment is not prepared towards updating or changing business operations. This organizational structure could be attributed to the success of the organization as it specific functions to different committees within the organization, all of which are aimed at achieving organizational objectives.

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