Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Argumantative Resarch Paper - Feminism Research

Argumantative Resarch - Feminism - Research Paper ExampleIssues related to women right wings and advertity, which are yet to be achieved score the basis of justifying that feminism is still relevant in todays world.Feminism is classified into terce wheels, which concord taken place in different times. Each wave has had its main advocacy in attempts to fight for women equality in the society. Some of the objectives within each wave have been achieved while others have been unachievable, making the debate of feminism continue (Aikau et al 23).Feminism is derived from a Latin word Femina, which refers to a woman. The first wave of feminism was mainly focused on fighting for women rights in relation to choose processes. In early days, women were not given the right to vote during elections. In the UK, a feminist fecal matter referred to as Suffragettes fought for voting rights of women. Members of this group engaged in violent demonstrations and even went to the extent of fasting to discover that women got the right to vote. Today, it is difficult to see such violent feminism movement. During the early days of feminism, there was slight support for feminist movements (Tandon 13).In relation to the first wave of feminism, many countries later accepted to spare women to participate in the voting process. Australia was among the first nations to allow women to vote, but other nations were reluctant is issuing their women the right to vote. Of most surprising is countries such as Saudi Arabia and Brunei still deny their women the right to vote. Considering that it is only a few countries, which still deny women the right to vote, one can sum up that the first wave of feminism has achieved its objectives. Therefore, feminism has lost its relevance as far as women voting rights are pertain (Aikau et al 28).The second wave of feminism began in the 1960s with the main objective of ensuring that men and women were equal in all aspects of life.

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