Saturday, April 20, 2019

Sandmoor Estate Limited Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4500 words

Sandmoor Estate Limited - Article Example qualification an idea actually work could non have been possible without the grace of God, prayers of our pargonnts and support from our friends.Due identification goes to Ms. Aliya Saleem for being such a supportive course instructor as healthy as a source of information whenever needed. Without her guidance and timely feedback this report could not have been materialized.The company is working well as compargond to previous year. However, when an isolated ratio analysis was done, it was revealed that still financial position of the company is not appreciable. Moreover, few discrepancies also exist. Like use of multiple depreciation methods, unclear or incorrect auspicate of the number of shares, this leads to false ratio analysis of earning per share. Thus it is recommended that the figures should be clearly stated and discrepancies should be avoided. Auditing, though not mandatory in this case, should be done to gain confidence of the stakeholders rapidly.The secondary stage comprises of the password about the company with the seniors and the colleagues to get their perspective about the same. Internet research was also done to observe potential weaknesses and their solutions.We tried to study the annual report of the firm under observation from different angles. thither are different methods for studying these reports and analyzing it, like ratio analysis and horizontal analysis etc. apiece of the method has its own advantages and disadvantages.For example, the horizontal method is highly affected by the previous years performances. Moreover, the micro and large environment may also vary from one year ot another, the industry situations may also change. To crucify this, we have used the ratio analysis method. Ratio analysis takes the ratios of the quantities of the same year, so there are no chances of the effect of changing environment on the one side of the equation.DESCRIPTION OF THE SYSTEMThe report yea r of the Sandmoor Estates Limited starts at December 1 and ends on November 30 every year. The financial statements are prepared on annual basis.These statements preparation occupies a key position in the financial reach of the organization. These statements not only serves the purpose of

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