Saturday, April 20, 2019

Case Study Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 4

Case Study - screen ExampleThorough assessment shall be made on the suicidal behavior of the child paying attention particularly on the following major areas (1) risk for death and repetition, (2) underlying diagnoses if had already been set as existing, and (3) the promoting factors.The sources of teaching can be derived through conducting interviews and observations to the child and her immediate family. Teachers and classmates are good sources of information too knowing that the child mentioned as being teased in class.The necessary information that should be gathered to ascertain the probable risk factors that triggered the childs suicidal behavior as listed in website are the following (1) a family history of suicide or mental health problems, (2) if the child nourish runaway from home, (3) physical, emotional, or sexual abuse experienced by the child at home, (4) a recognized psychiatric such as depression, (5) a relationship breakdown, (6) fami ly disturbance such as divorce, (7) bullying in school, (8) poor exam results, and (9) being diagnosed to have a chronic illness. Also, immediate signs and symptoms of suicidal tendencies (e.g. reckless behavior, threats to stultification self, becoming distant from friends and family, signs of anxiety and depression, use of alcohol or drugs, giving away possessions) shall be gathered. randomness about the childs background can also be derived from interviewing the childs boyfriend, obturate friends, peers, and the familys healthcare provider/consultant. Books, journals and other types of publications related to adolescent suicide can be a good source of information that will aid in further understanding and management of this case.In managing adolescent suicide, the child, being the major source of information, shall be assessed through therapeutic communication and proper observation. rule questions of

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