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Resolving Conflict between Science and Religion: Reform Judaism and Sci

Resolving Conflict between Science and worship Reform Judaism and Scientific ThoughtThe relationship between science and trust is not easy to navigate. On the most basic level, they are viewed as different types of thought. Religion, it seems, deals with the subjective, spiritual realm. Science, on the new(prenominal) hand, seems to deal with facts. It may because appear easy to separate the two realms of thought, and philosophers, theologians and scientists have from era to time attempted to do this. Both science and religion make hypotheses about(predicate) the fundamental nature of human existence and the nature of the universe, however, and inevitably the claims of from each one come into conflict. Whether this conflict occurs on a personal level or between opposing institutions, the claims of one often seem to place the other in dire jeopardy. We have seen demonstrations of such conflict throughout history, specially in relation to the Christian faith. For instance, few people have not heard about the adverse reaction of the Catholic Church when Galileo propounded his hypothesis of a heliocentric universe. Even today, we are not free of conflicts that climb when phantasmal doctrine conflicts with scientific theorizing. A prominent issue is creation, in which scientific theories about the big bang directly contradict the religious doctrine of the Christian faith, which understands creation through the story of Genesis in the Old Testament. It is an oversimplification to pit science and religion as bitterness opposites, but it is undeniable that in many faiths there exists a chronic conflict between advancing scientific theories and the religious perspective.How, then, can one expect to be able to integrate a scientific misgiving of the wor... ... faith that binds them to one another and to God.BibliographyArmstrong, Karen. A History of God. New York Alfred A Knopf, 1993.Barbour, Ian. Religion and Science Historical and Contemporary Issues. San Francisco HarperSanFrancisco, 1997.Human Stem jail cell Research (5761.7). CCAR Responsa. 30 April 2003 . Meyer, Michael A. and W. Gunther Plaut. The Reform Judaism Reader North American Documents. Cambridge UAHC Press, 2000.Nuesner, Jacob. Judaism in Modern Times An Introduction and Reader. Cambridge Blackwell Publishers, 1995.On the Treatment of the Terminally vertiginous (5754.14). CCAR Responsa. 30 April 2003 .Plaut, W. Gunther. The Rise of Reform Judaism. New York World Union for continuous tense Judaism, Ltd., 1963.

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