Saturday, March 16, 2019

Essay --

When asked about a certain forage, the first thing that might come to mind is the taste, the look, or the texture. What does not come to mind is the ingredients that make the food for what it is. Today, many food items contain the ingredient high fructose corn syrup. While several(prenominal) people may cringe when they hear those words, others will explain the reliable pith behind HFCS. Based on several articles, the truth of the offspring is that high fructose corn syrup is just another renewal for sugar. There is no sufficient evidence proving that HFCS is worse than sugar, however that does not mean it is better for you either. HFCS is just as bad as sugar, meaning that there is no large effect on the body compared to sugar, exclusively they both do have side effects if over consumed. When analyze and contrasting high fructose corn syrup with sugar, the similarities outweigh the differences. For instance, in the myth vs facts article it claims that HFCS is the same as su gar when it comes to the number of calories, root and absorption in the human body. In addition, when it comes to sweetne...

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