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Political Science Coursework Essay

stark nakedsmap2A No, the intention of the news aggregator is to be biased because what they are presenting in the website is the biased pattern of news entropy and founding.2B According to them (the owners of the website), it the website is thought to ironic entirely(a)y accentuate the bias of it news (Newsmap). They are biased in that they are showing the biased patterns of news breeding and presentation by showing the underlying clubs and bloods betwixt bits and pieces of news information and putting them altogether to present a tree map.Date of Access Satur twenty-four hours, blemish 29, 2008 748 A.M4A U.S. Nation Suspect Arrested in Virginia highway Shootings4AA The supposed person responsible for the Highway Shootings in the state of Virginia was arrested by the states police department. Reports substantiate confirmed that the suspect is a 19-year-old who is confront a criminal case due to another shooting that happened the day before that in Waynesboro. Slade All en Woodson is as well as the singular suspect in the way shootings in Charlottesville where six vehicles were hit and two pack obtained minor injuries. prior investigation led the police to trace a vehicle that was get outn in surveillance tapes at the scene of the crime to be owned by Woodson. (Grynbaum)Date of Access Saturday, exhibit 29, 2008 1001 AM4B U.S. Business American to Resume Normal Schedule4BB Due to inspection and repairs, American Airlines, Inc. was coerce to cancel some of their flights yesterday. The airline conducted repairs for four of the planes yesterday morning and keep general plane inspections in the afternoon. According to the airline representative, almost half(prenominal) of the 300 planes needed modifications. Delta Airlines, Inc. has also completed plane inspections however, they finished before than American allowing them to proceed with their Friday flight schedule. southwestward Airlines Co. and American Eagle also conducted the same inspe ction earlier than the aforementi unitaryd two. The inspection is part of the FAAs program of aircraft safety checks. (East bay tree Business Times)Date of Access Saturday, promenade 29, 2008 1222 PM4C U.S. Technology Shuttle Crew Reflects on battle of Marathon Mission4CC The astronauts from the space shuttle Endeavor has landed humankind last Wednesday night. The said mission, composed of seven astronauts, was the longest shuttle expedition. The astronauts divided up their enjoyable experiences while they were chill out in the shuttle and also their instigate to earth and their landing after staying for such a long time in space. They all agreed that they find it difficult to adjust to the staidness here on earth. Aside from their previous revelations, they also revealed their experiences while they were still in space. (Malik)Date of Access Saturday, March 29, 2008 1005 AM4D U.S. wellness U.S. to Study medicine for Suicide Links4DD The alleged connection between Singulair and suicide stirred up investigation in the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Singulair is product manufactured by Merck, which markets itself for allergies and asthma. Due to numerous attacks on the side effects of the drugs, Merck has placed great efforts in repackaging their product in order to include close several side effects, risks involved, anxiety and depression, etc. in the drugs literature. The FDA foc utilize on the case as soon as they received numerous reports from people who have used Singulair and have experienced dangerous side effects. The results of the study will be known after nine months of investigation. (The Associated Press)5 I cannot help just now think about the politics involved between business advertizing and the media. In the expression American to Resume Normal Schedule, there seems to be substantial evidence that proves the link between businesses and media. From the title of the article itself, the article is supposed to be informing the hum an beings of the flight schedules in the American Airlines, Inc. Moreover, the article is supposed to reveal why there were flight cancellations and the companionship should have used the media opportunity to apologize for any inconveniences that they might have caused to the public. These, I think, should have been the content of the article because of its title, and because of the need to inform the public about the issues behind the flight cancellations.However, the article was used as an advertize strategy for the aircraft business, especially the Oakland International Airport (OIA). First, three airlines who serve OIA were mentioned in the article especially their efforts to adhere to the safety check programs of the FAA. Second, despite added information that the FAA is conducting safety checks for all major airlines, only the airlines that are connected with OIA were mentioned. Third, since Southwest Airlines Co. is the most dominant carrier among the three making it the mo st profitable airline, it is only strategic to market other airlines, such as the American Airlines, Inc. Thus, the title and that impression that it is trying to exude.6 Yes, in a policy-making society, being aware of the news and current events is important.6A Basing from my response to the article about American Airlines, Inc. and advertising, being aware of all the current information that is passing play on nowadays is very important, especially when looking at a particular issue in a 360-degree angle, because it is instrumental in translation between the lines and understanding what is really going in society. Through the news, people are able to see the politics there is in all aspects of society.Buzztracker7A The primary objective of Buzztracker is to utilize global news releases to present an exemplar of locations that are interrelated. Although places in the public are separated by distance, the buzztracker shows their connection through a diagram and through the new s that these countries share. (Buzztracker)7B Date Accessed Saturday, March 29, 2008 1225 PMMost Prominent Location working capital7C The news event that brings Washington to the forefront is the issue published by Express India, wherein it advocated the support the Bush administration should give to the new Pakistani government. For some, this would somehow alleviate harsh judgments on the U.S. government by its relationship with previous Pakistani president, which was tainted with dishonesty and misgivings. The Bush administrations ability to lean towards democracy and help Pakistan could change how people see the U.S. government.7D The buzztracker is a great help in understanding the significance of one location to others. It keeps people on track about the global biotic community and gives them a clear understanding of what is happening in society by relating it to external situations outside the country. The top Location is significant in world affairs it enters the news beca use of the significant role it is playing the world. Washington is the idler of the U.S. government, which we all know is active and influential in almost all parts of the world.Works CitedThe Associated Press. (28 March 2008). U.S. to Study Drug for Suicide Links. Retrieved fromThe New York Times Company. 29 March 2008. .Buzztracker. (2007). Buzztracker. Retrieved from Craig Mod. 29 March 2008..East Bay Business Times. (28 March 2008). American to Resume Normal Schedule. Retrievedfrom the American urban center Business Journals, Inc. 29 March 2008. .Grynbaum, Michael. M. (29 March 2008). Suspect Arrested in Virginia Highway Shootings.Retrieved from The New York Times Company. 29 March 2008. http//, Tariq. (27 March 2008). Shuttle Crew Reflects on Marathon Mission. Retrieved fromMicrosoft. 29 March 2008. .Newsmap. (2008). Newsmap. Retrieved from Markos Weskamp. 29 March 2008..

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