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Case Study on Xpresso Lube Essay

I Xpresso lubricants proceeds PackageSupporting FacilityIn Xpresso fill, Charlie decl be mavenselfd lifts in the workshop so that guests chiffonier gravel a view of their simple machines to accede a odor at the problems the staff had mentioned. This gains client loyalty, by ensuring that the customers do non lodge ripped off, as to encourage the spreading of Xpresso fill ups tincture operate via the word of mouth. at that place be two additional st onlys for customers to have their gondola rock oil traded, in order to pr steadyt a blockade from occurring. In order to increase the level of comfort in Xpresso fill up, at that place is to a fault a caf, providing customers with beverages so that they can have the luxury of impertinently made hot chocolate man take c argoning for their cars to be functiond. All these facilities are indoor. However, Charlie did pass on an outdoor space for his staff to work on customers cars when the die hard is pleasant. This way, Charlie can deal with the flow of customers as they have more move to serve their customers.A pane facility is provided to fetch customers from workshop sanction to their views and vice versa. As many of the customers only have time during their eat period or the end of the day to wait on their cars. Therefore by providing this, they able-bodied to merely spend 10 to 20 minutes to admit down to workshop and get their car answerd and get back to work.Facilitating Goods i of the main facilitating goods in Xpresso fill up is the coffee that they provide. nodes receive noble quality, freshly brewed coffee made at the point of order, earlier than stale coffee brewed when the shop opens for the day. Having a coffee plantation in Costa Rica, Charlie is furnish with the knowledge in bringing in the best coffee beans as possible to ensure customer satisfaction.An former(a)(a) facilitating goods is the oil Xpresso fill up provides to change the cars oil. Charlie has to get under ones skin sure the oil they use is of quality so that it wint damage his customers cars. Some of the high uper end cars in the trade can non run as easy with low quality oil, the oil leave in any case harm their engines in the pertinacious run. Therefore, to ensure quality and satisfaction, Charlie has to take none of the oil he uses.InformationAfter manipulateing other workshops providing false information to customers, ripping them off, Charlie is determined to provide correct and military controllike information to customers. In order to ensure that, Charlie has provided his customers with the lift, so that his customers can see for themselves where the problems lie with their car, instead of just listening to some employee not designed that in fact thither is nothing wrong with the car. Charlie to a fault has to provide efficient information of whether there are available slots for more cars to pursue in for religious divine value, by doing so he can have make arrangements with customers to make appointments and bookings. Charlie can hence, ease the flow of customers coming, preventing a bottleneck later working hours at 5pm.Explicit ServicesIn Xpresso fill up, the explicit work the customers can see is the returns attitude of Charlies employees, the quality of expediency existence provided whether the oil change is quick and of high quality, also the expertness of the caf to provide quality food and drinks to customers. Transportation service of processs are also provided to reduce customers travelling time as mentioned above earlier. All this benefits can be seen by customers, the quality of the service the Xpresso lube provides can also be perceived.Implicit ServicesXpresso fill provides a clean purlieu to customers, with carpeted floors, tables and chairs for customers fleck postponement. It tries to make its customers feel at home and comfortable, as workshops are usually real dirty and customers would hardly want to wait for a long time. This helps Xpresso lubricate as it cements their brand as a comfortable and higher quality cable car shop, especially when compared with its competitors, giving it a comparative advantage. Providing quality information is actually another implicit service. When customers pass water that you have been giving them quality and accurate information, you go forth gain their cuss and loyalty. This customer loyalty is very valuable as it kernel a high lifetime customer value and customer equity, which translates to higher meshwork in the long run.II Distinctive Characteristics of a Service Operation, illustrated by the Case StudyIntangibilityXpresso fill has illustrated different approaches of a service operation. After observing the existing oil-change companies, Charlie came out with a much improve concept which was fresh and recent, combining a coffee bar with an oil-change business. This is a creative idea which go forth potentially captured c ustomers attention and Xpresso lube lead subsequently became more reputable. Much emphasis on integrity, providing good and responsible services go away no doubt help Xpresso fill up to turn back and attract customers.HeterogeneityThis market consists of different participants which includes the customers and the employees, who are the ones serving the customers so as to meet their demands. The kind of employees varies as different employees from different sections of Xpresso Lube serve customers differently. For instance, the front line workers are the ones who make contact with the customers instantly to find out what are the customers requests whereas the back office operators are in charge of localizationing and the actual oil change, invisible to customers. Besides, Charlies employees are mootably trained so as to provide quality services to his customers. Charlie also set up a car repair center, University Auto, which also meets the customers demands. This will lead t o a further variation of employees and customers.Customer participation in the service addressXpresso Lube exists to serve the customer and to satisfy their demand and it is feasible only when the customers do their part, transporting their vehicle to Xpresso Lube or University Auto for service. On the other hand, both companies under Charlie could acclaim out with statistics on customer preferences and identify the peak hour periods. This modifys Charlie to be more focused and prepared so as to minimize errors during the service process. Unlike other companies of the same industry, Xpresso Lube requires the customers to have a study of their vehicle before extra services are provided. This is possible when lifts are available to bring the customers under the car safely.SimultaneityThe service Xpresso Lube provides are created and consumed simultaneously. As the vehicles are being serviced, instead of just waiting, Xpresso Lube has the caf which customers could spend time at, b e it having their lunch, tea break or even relaxing with the presence of band performances. The conducive environment will unquestionably attract customers and customers may even be there without the need of servicing their vehicles. Recruiting band to perform is a creative way where it could help to notice the customers oc instillied and entertained. Having the lifts and all the advanced equipment may slow down the process and lead to a longer waiting time. However, the entertainment and caf could help to soften the fluctuation in demand and supply which is mainly caused by the waiting time. Thus in this case, service is provided in two ways.PerishabilityIn this marketing world, service providers have to use different approaches to meet different demands of customers. There are many things which hinder customers from purchasing the services of Xpresso Lube hence, Xpresso Lube is providing alternate services, transporting services to and fro work, to reach out to more customers. Furthermore, these transporting services are beneficial in helping customers to avoid peak hours. As such, it will really aid in smoothing services and prevent congestions. In addition, the coffee caf is large enough to accommodate the rising amount of customers.In conclusion, Xpresso Lube has no doubt fulfilled all criteria of the distinctive characteristics of a service operator. These services delivered to the customers are favorable in expanding this business continuously.III Xpresso Lubes CharacteristicsIn regard to Nature of the Service Act, Xpresso Lubes nature of service act consists of tangible actions and its institutionalize recipient of service is property. Xpresso Lube is an oil-changing business for auto mobiles and that it involves a direct affinity of service which can be seen as the personnel changing the oil of the auto mobiles making it a service with tangible actions. Xpresso Lubes direct recipients of service are property as they involve the changing of oil of auto mobiles.As for relationship with customers, Xpresso Lubes nature of service delivery is through discrete acts and the type of relationship amongst the service organization and its customers is no formal relationship. It is a discrete transaction as customers do not have to continuously go to Xpresso Lube everywhere a period of time to change their oil rather they can just go one time and get it done. Their relationship with their customers is a no formal relationship as the customers do not have a continuous relationship with Xpresso Lube and are not tied down to being a member with Xpresso Lube.Xpresso Lube emphasizes on personal exercise judgment in meeting customer inescapably and it also has a high degree of customization. Xpresso Lube has a high extent to exercising judgment in meeting customers needs as this can be seen with Xpresso Lube making a coffee bar to satisfy customers tiresomeness while waiting for their car to be serviced. Xpresso Lube also has a high de gree of customization in that it allows customers to see their cars being serviced as their cars are being placed on lifts instead of in notices unlike other car servicing businesses.Xpresso Lubes extent in which demand exceeds mental object is high in the sense that peak demand regularly exceeds force and its extent of demand fluctuation oer time is low. This can be seen in that during peak hours, there will be a long waiting time for customers to have their car serviced but this has been countered by Xpresso Lube in having a coffee bar minimizing customers boredom while waiting. As oil-changing companies are considered a commodity, their demand fluctuation over time is low.Xpresso Lubes nature of service delivery is that customer travels to the service organization and the availability of service outlets is a adept site. As it is a car servicing business, customers have to bring their cars to the place. As Xpresso Lube does not have any magnification of outlets, it is theref ore a single site type of availability of service outlet.IV Xpresso Lubes LocationThe fact there was a vacant space back the old gas and service station that Charlie turned into Xpresso Lube meant that he was able to turn it into a automotive service , offering transportation services for customers who will be able to get to work while leaving their car in the mechanics hands. Charlie was hence able to saturate the market/Austin with his car service with Xpresso Lube, as well as University Automotive.Also, as said in the case study, its location on the main street has attracted many from different walks of life and that its vicinity to shops makes it attractive. Customers are able to shop at neighboring shops while waiting for their car to be serviced. Being on the main street also means that Xpresso Lube is accessible, visible, has a high traffic volume. There is room for expansion and the surrounding environment fits the shop, with many shops around.Also, due to the nature of th e business, parking is not necessary.Austin also has a music culture, claiming to have the nations best live music. More importantly, Austin is home to the University of Texas, as well as major technology firms like 3M, Apple, Hewlett-Packard, eBay, Google, and Intel, just to name a few, giving it the nickname Silicon Hills. This means that Xpresso Lube is operating in a bustling environment, with much traffic, therein lies its demand for its services.Austin also happens to be connected to the interstate I-35 and hence, there would be drivers from all over the country who may try their services out due to the convenience.Hence, Xpresso Lubes location in Austin has proven successful for its business model.V Suggestions of additional services for Xpresso LubeThe main service design of Xpresso Lube is to create a unique, pleasant, honest pick up for their customers. They do not want customers to feel that they are being treated unimportantly.Xpresso Lube has already made their custo mers feel that they have provided a very unique service package by having the caf and the workshop integrated, the bands performing during evenings, the transportation service they provide and the subsidiary car repair workshop they also offer. They have also managed to turn a once boring and messy experience into a pleasant one by carpeting the floor of the caf and providing chairs and tables for them to enjoy their cup of coffee and listen to music while waiting for their car to be serviced. Every process during the servicing was made clearly to the customers without any suspicion by using those hydraulic lifts and a skilled and patient mechanic.Xpresso Lube can bring their service package to another level by including another important area into the package, ownership. As far as its concern, all the above only provide a very comfortable, pleasant experience for the customer. The customer will just go to Xpresso Lube when their car needs the servicing it needs for it to run on th e road again.Road TripsXpresso Lube can organize their own road trips during the weekends for their customers to participate and make new friends. The experience of driving the wide west road, going to small pit stations to refuel their vehicles and carry on with the journey with a assort of friends is a very enjoyable experience. This idea is very similar to the Harley Owners mathematical group or also known as the HOGS. This is an international group that unites by a common passion. These members owns the famous Harley Davidson Motorcycles.Members of the HOGS are very close to one another, everyone from any occupation, blue collar, white collar can ride unneurotic as an equal. The general idea for Xpresso Lube to bring into play its very similar, everyone is equal regardless of occupation or any other group, everyone will treat each other as equal, as a family. This will even further bonds the customers and Xpresso Lube into another level where very bitty has succeed. Customer s will feel that they belong to Xpresso Lube, they will feel that they are a part of Xpresso Lube.Internet ServicesXpresso Lube can also consider adding a wireless internet connection via modems/routers, laptops and printers in their caf or lounge. This would enable customers to check their email, complete some work, print out documents or other activities for no extra surcharge. This would allow busy businessmen who would want to do something more productive at the service shop to work, or let university students on the go print out assignments. This would mean turning their caf into a internet caf.Childrens Play CornerOf course, adding a childrens landmark would not hurt, in order to keep the children happily occupied and comparatively more quiet. Simple games and puzzles or even a Wii or Xbox (for a bigger budget) would occupy the children for hours while the parents have a chat over coffee. This would attract more working mothers who drive to drop by as they would not have to e ngage a baby sitter at the last moment for only an hour or so. Having designated story say sessions would also attract parents to drop their car, as well as their children there while they catch up with friends over coffee.

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