Saturday, March 9, 2019

Costume Design Essay

Creative collaboration among the garments designer, the music coach and the set and lighting designers ensures that the costumes argon smoothly integrated into the production as a whole.Stage costumes flowerpot provide audiences with information about a characters occupation, friendly status, gender, age, sense of style and tendencies towards conformity or individualism. As well, costumes canreinforce the mood and style of the productiondistinguish between major and pocket-size characters conjure relationships between characterschange an actors appearancesuggest changes in character development and agebe objects of beauty in their own right.Costume designs also need to intromit any accessories such(prenominal) as canes, hats, gloves, shoes, jewelry or masks. These costume props add a great deal of visual interest to the overall costume design. They atomic number 18 often the items that truly distinguish one character from another.The designers spielCostume designers begin t heir work by reading the record to be produced. If the production is set in a specific historic era, the fashions of this period will need to be researched. To stimulate the flow of ideas at the first meeting with the director and the design team (set, costume, lighting and heavy designers), the costume designer may want to present a a couple of(prenominal) rough costume sketches. This is also an appropriate time to check with the director on the exact number of characters needing costumes, as any non-speaking characters the director plans to include may not have been listed in the script.It is the costume designers responsibility to draw up the costume plot. The costume plot is a list or chart that maneuvers which characters appear in each scene, what they are wearing and their overall movement throughout the play. This helps track the specific costume needs of every character. It can also identify any authority costume challenges, such as very quick changes between scenes.Whe n the director and production team have approved the costume designers preliminary sketches, she or he can draw up the terminal costume designs. The final designs are done in full color. They show the style, silhouette, textures, accessories and unique features of each costume.Once the show opens, the designers work is essentially complete. Now its normally the job of a jam assistant to make sure that every aspect of the production runs just now as the designer intended, time after time, until the production closes.

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