Monday, February 25, 2019

The Hole in the Wall

Today I fin eery(prenominal)y found an flat tire to live in, its not much only if what can you demand? Im keep mum in college so this is in all can afford. The flatbed is pretty comport down, i was cleaning it up the best i could when i sight a hole in the mole, it had opus stuffed inside it. I pulled all the paper out to find out that the hole travels all the charge to the apartment room next penetration to mine. You suffer a fair view of the whole apartment, i could easily spy on my inhabit if i really wanted to. At least its not a big hole i ruling to myself, its about the size of a golf ball.I reached for my phone to check the time. Its 820am. I grabbed the paper and forced it back into the little hole and rushed out the room access, i was going to be late for class.When classes ended for the day i firm to go straight planetary house, exhausted, i dragged myself into the elevator. The door was starting to c miss when this one-year-old woman was heading quickly for the elevator. I pushed the button to hold the door open for her, she thanked then we stood in silence. I took a glance her modal value to realize how attractive this woman was, she had long brown hair and beautiful green plazaball, she looked really smart and put together, i couldnt set out my eyes off her. When the elevator stopped on my floor i was impress to see her get off behind me. I walked for my apartment door to find out that this very attractive woman is my neighbour I walked into my apartment with a huge grin on my face, thrilled that she was victuals next door.Later on that wickedness my curiosity got the best of me, I had to take a little peek into the hole in the wall to see what my neighbour was up to. Lucky for me i caught her in the snapper of changing. I watched her for a few minutes then decided to master the hole back up, i dont want to push my luck. After i covered the hole up I did my homework and went to bed.I woke up to someone heavy inklinging , it was really strange. At root i thought it was in my dreams but then I realized this was real life. It sounded comparable someone was struggling, gasping for air. And Im pretty sure its coming from my neighbours apartment. Completely terrified, i lento pulled the paper out of the little hole in the wall. I press my face up against the wall and let my eyes adjust to the dark. I was completely horrified from what i saw, someone was stabbing my neighbour to death. I must of watch this person stab her a dozen times. Who ever they were really wanted to make sure she was dead thats for sure. I unploughed as quiet as i could, waiting for the murderer to start the apartment, hoping to get a look at their face. When the murderer turned to bring home the bacon i caught a glimpse of their face, it was a man, very tall with a very narrow face with an abnormally large nose. He would be fairly easy to identify if i were ever to see him again.I backed away from the hole and raced for my p hone. I was just about to inflict the police when i realized I couldnt. If i called them I would have to explain that i was spying on my neighbour through a hole in my wall which sounds creepy and also suspicious. So i put my phone down and sat in my bed, trembling and marred from what i have just seen. I didnt sleep for the rest of the night and decided to leave for school at the crack of dawn so that i wouldnt be around when someone realizes that my neighbour has been killed.I came home late that night to find two policeman outside my apartment. They started to solicit me questions about my neighbour and where i was last night. They came inside my house and took a look around and they found the hole in the wall. I explained that i have only been living here a few days and its clear that on that point are still some renovations that need to take place. After hours of questions the police left, tired of getting repetitive answers but Im not going to reveal my secret so i kept wi th my story.I decided to put it all behind me and try to move on, the first couple nights i had a hard time sleeping but after a week everything was going good. Then again, i woke up to the same noise in the middle of the night, heavy breathing. It was coming from the apartment next door again. This time i completely panicked because there is no one living in that apartment now. Its still all taped off from the crime scene investigation, no one was been in that room other than the police.I found the courage to rise to my feet, my legs quivered as i walked over to the hole in the wall, not knowing what to expect when i remove the paper from it. I took a deep breath a pulled the paper out. I looked through the hole and saw nothing, there was no one there. I backed away from the wall and forcefully ran my fingers through my hair, i think Im starting to lose my mind. Then i heard the noise again so i turned towards the hole again. There was a wide-open bloodshot eye starring back at me . The hideous unblinking eye asterisked at me as i crouched to the floor frozen with fear. Then the silence was broken by a womans raspy instance saying i know you saw.

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