Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Physical Preparedness Of Columbus Police Essay

Describe in one page or less how you would select the Columbus Police patrol incumbents to be surveyed.The interrogation Project Physical Prep bedness of Columbus Police Officers in Citizen Encounters Involving Force. mastermind Panel Respondents of this research should have the following qualificationsMust be in the midst of the age of 21 35Must have 6 or more months field experience as a Patrol officer of ColumbusMust be active in the police wadMust be a resident of ColumbusMust at least have one corporeal encounter with a citizen ingest Size 1000 police patrol officersMethodology This research will employ a qualitative and quantitative research wherein a interpretive program sample of the target audience will be randomly selected to do a target panel. Through qualitative research by victimization an open-ended questionnaire, spontaneous or not pre- viewd responses are solicited through a free willing method. Meanwhile, the answers from the qualitative research will be bes ides dealt with in the quantitative research apply a closed-ended questionnaire that will allow for figures or raw data.Through these two types of research, the researcher will determine the cause of the lack of preparation of police officers during encounters with noncombatants.Construct a shortened 5-item unstructured, open-ended questionnaire that will determine the patrol officers views as to how well they are prepared for physical encounters with citizens where lethal force is not an issue.Open-ended questionnaire for instruction Group DiscussionWhat are the risks involved in being a police officer in Columbus? If physical encounter with citizens is not cited, ask about the probability of experiencing physical encounters with citizens while on duty.What contour of trainings did you receive before you engaged in police field operations or patrol duty?Were these trainings able to help you prepare for physical encounters with citizens? Why? If not, why?As a police officer, w hat do you deem are the factors that provoke physical encounters with citizens? Enumerate manoeuvres or methods on how to conduct proper management of physical encounters with citizens? Explain each tactic/method.What are the causes of mismanagement of physical encounters with citizens? How should these be prevented?Construct an 8-item structured questionnaire using closed-end questions that involve multiple response choices that addresses the same issue in motility 2.Closed-ended questionnaire for SurveyQuestionspowerfully AgreeAgreeNeutralDisagreeStrongly Disagree1. Is your stock as a patrol officer deserving all the risks?2. Do you think that force is needed in enforcing the fair play?3. Are you willing to employ force when you are threatened by a civilian?4. Do civilians usually provoke physical encounters with equity enforcers?5. Do you think that the use of force is effective in promoting respect?6. Do you think that there is a need to have a good physical and quick-th inking build to better handle physical encounters?7. Do you think that by having police weapons and gadgets will help you do your job better in enforcing the law?8. Are you prepared physically, emotionally and psychologically to engage in a physical encounter with a civilian?

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