Saturday, February 16, 2019

JANE AUSTEN: PRIDE AND PREJUDICE Essay -- English Literature

JANE AUSTEN PRIDE AND PREJUDICEA Critical AnalysisThe disruption chapter of the reinvigorated gives us a brief introduction to thelives of the bennets. Mrs bennets touch on purpose in life is to marry ofher daughters to wealthy young men. It begins with Mr and Mrs Bennethaving a conversation ab out(p) marrying of their daughters as soon aspossible. Mrs Bennet assorts her husband about a young man who has takenownership of Netherfield and about how they should make it a point tovisit him and introduce their daughters to him so he can marry one ofthem. Mr Bennet is seemingly bored and is sarcastic about theidea, which partly angers his married woman.The use of temper in the opening chapter is brought out by Mr Bennetthrough his responses to his wife, and also through Austens owncomments. This is counterbalance outlined after Mr Bennet says to his wife,You want to tell me, and I soak up no objection to hearing it., Austencomments This was invitation enough. This is a funny sta tement andin its humour Austen manages to bring out reputation trait of both Mrand Mrs Bennet. Mrs Bennet is shown to be very enthusiastic,talkative, and ultimately a bit of a gossip. Mr Bennet, on the otherhand, is shown to be a inactive person. When Mr Bennet says, for asyou are handsome as any of them, Mr. Bingley might like you the bestof the party., it shows him to be a humorous person and has the pith of bringing life to the text. Towards the end of the chapter MrBennet once again brings out the aspect of humour when he says, Ihave high admiration for your nerves. They are my old friends. I haveheard you mention them with favor these twenty years atleast.. This once again brings out his wifes character, as arelativ... ...en also creates tension in the first chapter by non introducing Mr Bingley. We are simply made aware of his existence.This makes the curious about his character. Many aspects of the book,for example any ideas that the reader might have about how the sto rywill unfold, are not confirmed by Austen, thus creating tension andleaving the reader curious if the story unfolds the appearance they thoughtit would.Austen manages to captivate the reader in the first chapter. Shemainly uses humour and sarcasm to achieve this effect. In this chapterwe are shown the importance of Mr and Mrs Bennet to each(prenominal) other. MrsBennet needs her husband to keep her from going out of hand, and heneeds his wife to add humour to his life through her world ridiculous.The firs chapter of Pride and Prejudice is extremely well written andmakes the reader not want to put down the book.

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