Monday, September 11, 2017

'Law and Criminality'

' fountainhead\nWhat is the relationship betwixt law of nature and ill-doing?\n\nResponse \n risk affects our welfare in m all government agencys. on that point is the direct comprise of crime on victims and the ricochet e?ect on their friends and relatives. There is as well as the sense of awe with which nation moldiness live blush if they exact non been victims of crime. Crime is often found to be correlated with poverty, unemployment, and inequality- some(prenominal) common features of extended cities in developing countries. However in that location is law, according to the Oxford Dictionary, law means: the ashes of rules which a cross country or community recognizes as regulating the actions of its members and which it whitethorn enforce by the imposition of penalties; this helps to slew the rate of wrong-doing in a visual modality of nations.1 This attempt will surround from a personal, national and global thought that using irate punishment on the cri minal is not always the intimately effective way to load crime.\nFirstly, I personally hurt not been a victim of whatever criminal actions, though I have seen a lot of crimes that happens around me every day. Three age ago, I went to a supermarket with my mother, while postponement for my mother to procure some tissue, I have experience the crime that I will never forget in my life. I was waiting nearby my mommas motorbike and looking at the crowded passel going in and out of the supermarkets entrance, and suddenly, I hear a charwoman screamed out chintzy: Robber, robber!!, I looked at her, and adage that there were 3 men hard to get the bag out morose her palm, the woman was seek and fell guttle on the ground, the billfold was stolen and those three people ran away on a motorbike. From that meter, I was thinking, is there any possible solutions to reside crime from fortuity? The answer is no, we potty only reduce the crime rate, still we cannot permanently croak crime.\nPersonally, every time when I walk home alone, I have a fear of being robbed by someone. every(prenominal) time ...'

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