Sunday, February 5, 2017

My Move to America

Changes occur anywhere in the world; every second, every minute. Most people broadly speaking frown upon changes. Changes can gain fear, doubt, isolation, or even pain. When I was very young, I utilise to like changes. Changes were something to look forth to; it was fun to meet hot people, to see new places, and to curb new things. At the bestride of thirteen, my family told me that we were mournful to America. At that time, I paid no circumspection to their words and thought it would be a fun trip, al maven little did I be this was going to completely fudge my perception of change. These changes that happened overnight bequeath remain unpleasant memories and acquisition experience throughout my life.\nOn February 12, 2008, I panicked, emphasise out, and approximately fainted because it was the day of leaving my sweet, motherland, Africa. It was in like manner the last day I ate fresh fodder without any chemicals in them. Anyway, my family and I left our house at 1 pm and arrived at the airport at 3pm because the airport was far from home. We sit down and waited for our flight for fifteen minutes, provided I was still stressed out plus my phobias. The sterling(prenominal) fears I had were aerophobia and xenophobia. When the piece of paper arrived, one of my brothers give tongue to Dont be afraid, everything is going to be alright. I didnt respond to what he said. I precisely looked at him and his face entangle sorry for me.\nNevertheless, I some stayed at the airport because I couldnt hail on the plane. When that happen, my older brother said young lady, you need to witness on this plane so we wont missy the coterminous one\nIn response, I said to him if you rattling care about moving to another country, then why dont you sprout me? So he carried me and got on the plane. When I got on the plane, I sat by the window and kept my look close. I couldnt eat or drink anything at all. When the plane took off, one of my brothers was si tting next to me and he asked are you in reality going to keep your eyes closed until ... If you want to get a full essay, pose it on our website:

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