Monday, February 6, 2017

Classroom Speech - About Me

I do-nothing accept failure, e rattling wiz fails at something. save I cant accept not trying. - Michael Jordan\nThis citation motivates me because on my understanding, we should not die trying our goals in life. So I am Michael Angelo Javier Martinez and Im always pay back to face all the challenges in my life. But first, I indigence to say something about me. Im a fledgling college student from Far easterly University and taking up unmarried man of Science in concern Administration Major in Management. Im friendly, naughty, verbose and responsible. Now, I want to package some challenges I encountered during Im master(a) student. I remember, when I was a elementary student, Im one and only(a) of the bullies but some snips I was likewise bullied by my classmates whos bigger than me. When I was in grade 1, most of the time I tease my classmates and they also tease me. After world a grade 1 student, Grade 2 was one of the worst get laids I had encountered in my life. Because I was bullied by a student whos bigger than me. I remember I bulleted his face in comportment of his friends and after I punch him, he went home with a blood on his face. The adjacent day, he went to school have on an eye glasses. He verbalize that its my fault because I punched him not only in her face also boney the look so his eyes became blurry. When Im already waiting for my service, hes with his stupefy and he attacked me. His mother just watched me lying surmount with a blood on my eyebrows and Im begging for help. But sadly, no one help me because others didnt proverb whats happening and its near our schools façade so the guards didnt saw it. At that time, I realize that I should be strong and I should be good so that I wont experience any karmas in life. So the following year, I because very strong and very brave. Also my dad enrolled me at MILO Basketball development camp which held in Ateneo De manilla University. My cousins teased me because they sai d that...

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