Sunday, February 9, 2020

Thinking About the Human Experience Research Paper

Thinking About the Human Experience - Research Paper Example There are some elements in the humanities field that children might enjoy. Theatre and dance are an intricate part of a child’s psychology. Performing arts encourages children to relate with one another, and enjoy the experience. Growing up, some children find it challenging to continue with these arts, and choose to pursue other areas. However, for some, this becomes their daily life as they have a passion for it. These arts are not looked at as child’s play once people desist from participating in them. It is just that people choose to explore diverse areas so as to learn more while adding more to the given field (DePoy & Gilson, 2007). Critical and creative thinking is often brought out through the humanities. In the philosophy of law, for example, individuals can learn to comprehend what affects them in their immediate society. Society can learn to tackle the issues they face regularly in open-minded and reasoned discussions, and arrive at feasible solutions. Folks stand the chance of understanding and appreciating diverse cultures that are present in the world. They can now learn to relate to other people’s experiences, and learn from them (DePoy & Gilson, 2007). In conclusion, humanities are crucial in the lives of many individuals. It assists in keeping a comprehensive record of human experiences and lives. It helps explore, assess, interpret, and refine life. This is while adding innovativeness to it (DePoy & Gilson, 2007). The humanities are responsible for having the most varied disciplines in the world, and why they have attained global

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