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Essay On Public Policy - 1032 Words

Government Regulation: Public Policy The Florida State Board of Nursing meet bimonthly, generally during the first week of every even month. The full board meetings include disciplinary cases, application review, committee reports, rule discussions and other necessary Board actions. Board meetings are open to the public. The meeting of my state board of nursing chosen for this scholarly paper related to Government Regulation: Public Policy, occurred September 26, 2017 the meeting agenda continued to covered amendments’ to Administrative Complaints, (filed by state prisoners’) to consider cases where probable cause has previously been found. The meeting also addressed that Letters of Guidance (C’s) and Dismissals (D’s) are all CONFIDENTIAL†¦show more content†¦The review of this meeting of the Florida State Board of Nursing, bimonthly meeting was also very informative on what is considered a complaint that is legally sufficient and the meaning of finding probable cause (sufficient rea son), and the disciplinary proceedings and regulations and actions, as to whether probable cause exists (The 2017 Florida Statutes. 2017). The Florida Board of Nursing is the is the regulatory agency for professional nursing and plays an integral role in health care practice of nurses and support staff (LPN, CNA) regulations as the board including Licensing and Registration, Renewal Information, continuing education units, scope of practice, the nurse practice act The Florida Board of nursing also interact regularly with other nursing affiliated groups in Florida, as well as the National Council of State Boards of Nursing. The role of our Florida Nurses Association (FLNA) professional nursing organizations in regulating professional practice is first the only nursing organization representing all of nursing regardless of specialty or practice area, advocating for the nursing profession (About the Florida Nurses Association. n. d. and The 2017 Florida Statutes. 2017). They [FLNA] speak on behalf of nursing in Tallahassee (regional office) as well as before many regulatory bodies. The FLNA share our vision to create a unified nursing advocacy program forShow MoreRelatedPublic Policy Essay : Drug Policy2014 Words   |  9 PagesCorporan 5/2/15 Public Policy Essay: Drug Policy Public Policy is the righteous guide to action taken by the decision-making executive branches of the state with regard to a class of issues that are reliable with law and institutional levies. The basis of public policy is self-ruled by national legal laws and guidelines. Further substrates contain both judicial explanations and regulations in which it becomes official by legislature. While dealing with issues that concern public policies in the UnitedRead MoreEssay On Texas Public Policy1673 Words   |  7 PagesTexas Inmates’ Health Care: Public Policy Effectiveness Research Is Texas public policy effective? The Texas government million-dollar question. This research paper will inform the readers on what public policy and effectiveness is in relation to Texas government. It will review five scholarly journals that all describe public policy and its effectiveness in Texas. It will also discuss one public policy specifically regarding the health care that Texas has imposed upon their prison inmates. TheRead MorePublic Policy Essay3740 Words   |  15 Pages2011 Public policy is the study of policy making by governments. A governments public policy is the set of policies (laws, plans, actions, behaviors) that it chooses. (Lee, Johnson, Joyce, 2008) Since governments claim authority and responsibility (to varying degrees) over a large group of individuals, they see fit to establish plans and methods of action that will govern that society. I will discuss the possible funding options for reducing Georgia’s sex offender rate, evaluate how public policyRead MoreEssay on Religion and Public Policy2873 Words   |  12 Pagesreligion in the public square is a debateable topic. In essence, the dispute centers on the fundamental question: should religious beliefs be excluded from consideration of public policy? That is to say, if society strongly believes that the state should not adopt or implement religious positions, views or policies; to what extent should religious ideologies or concepts be used to publicly support or oppose governmental actions? Or perhaps do religious beliefs and public policy make too dangerousRead MorePolitics And Public Policy Essay1927 Words   |  8 PagesPolitics and Public Policy essay 2 Question – Britain’s foreign policy is not always as ethical as it claims to be. Discuss Throughout the years, Great Britain has gradually become a country that is known for maintaining a good global role as well as sustaining good relationships with many countries. Great Britain has built these relationships and contributed to the aid and fight of many wars and global issues. At the base of these relationships is Britain’s foreign policy. The foreign policy for theRead MoreCanada Public Policy Essay1665 Words   |  7 Pagesthe way in which public policy is crafted and applied in Canada. Factors such as policy paradigms, the government in power, and economic incentives greatly impact how public policy affects Canadians. However, an unexpected political actor shapes Canadian law in a more extrinsic and all-encompassing way and acts as a sort of â€Å"unofficial† policy maker in government despite its role in the judicial court system: The Supreme Court of Canada. The Supreme Court of Canada is a public policy maker because itRead MoreEssay on The Creation of Public Policy1178 Words   |  5 Pagesdecides to create public policy through the interaction of the branches, the influence of political parties, and the effects of media. So what is public policy? Public policy is the action taken by the government to make changes for the better. As the paper goes on one will learn about this even further throughout it. When dealing with public policy and how it is created one must know how the idea is even brought up and put into motion. Anyone can have an idea for public policy and bring it to theRead MoreForeign Public Policy Essays689 Words   |  3 PagesForeign Public Policy Analysis Directions: Choose one specific foreign policy issue in American government and complete a public policy analysis of how the problem was addressed. Stage I Agenda Setting: How did this issue arrive on the public policy agenda? Identify specific linkage institutions and describe their roles and influence in placing this issue on the policy agenda. The Ebola virus was first discovered in the year 1976 in Africa. Since then, there have been countless outbreaks of thisRead MoreEssay on Public Policy and Administration1861 Words   |  8 Pagesfield of public administration examined the subject of policy and administration (has the dichotomy changed)? The studies of policy and administration have been viewed in different ways; overtime, the pre-modern era to its now 21st century outlook has changed. In the beginning, kings had treasures and tax collector to oversee the daily business of the empire. Today these members are public servants working in all levels of government; implanting various inputs to produce their desired policies as resultsRead MoreEssay Public Policy Evalution2593 Words   |  11 PagesPolicy evaluation can be better defined as a process by which general judgments about quality, goal attainment, program effectiveness, impact, and costs can be determined. It is an assessment of whether a set of activities implemented under a specific policy has achieved a given set of objectives. Once public policy has been operationalized through the formal adoption of laws, rules, or regulations, and the bureaucracy has taken action to implement the policy, some form of evaluation needs to be

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