Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Ernest Hemingway :: essays research papers

Hemmingway’s Influence Ernest Hemmingway is one of the greatest writers of all time. Like many great authors he was influenced by the world in which he lived. The environment that surrounded him influenced Hemmingway. These included such things as serving in the war and living in post war areas where people went to forget about the war. Another influence on his writings was his hobbies. He loved the great outdoors. He spent a lot of his time deep sea fishing and enjoying bull fighting. These influences had an impact on Hemmingway and they were expressed in his writing. Ernest Hemmingway was born in Oak Park, Illinois, on July 21, 1899. Early in his life Hemmingway expressed a strong interest in the outdoors. He started fishing and hunting with his father very early. Hemmingway was educated in the public schools and as soon as he completed high school he started working for the Kansas City Star. After several years of working for them he moved to Spain. Here he became an ambulance driver and infantryman in World War II. He was also a war correspondent during the Spanish Civil War. During the war he was one of the first wounded. He was shot in the knee and spent a while in a hospital in Milan, Italy. Here he met Agnes, a nurse, and fell in love with here but she didn’t love him and he was deeply hurt by this. Then he went to France and spent several years there as a correspondent for the Toronto Star. It was here he that began his serious writing career. After that Hemmingway moved to Spain. It was here that he developed a love for bullfightin g. He spent day after day watching the fighters. He even decided to try it for a short time but wasn’t very successful. He realized that by watching and writing he could express the art of bullfighting to everyone. After this Hemmingway moved to Cuba and became a deep-sea fisherman. He spent all day out on the sea and often went out just to be on the ocean. Hemmingway was very successful at fishing and loved the way of life in Cuba. Hemmingway then decided to take up deep big game hunting in Africa. This to he was very successful at and became a world-renowned hunter. After this he moved back to the states and spent a couple more years writing.

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