Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Negative side on fast food Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Negative side on fast food - Essay Example urant Association (32) indicate that this number was projected to increase by 4.2 percent in 2002, which converts to about $130.1 billion worth of sales. National Restaurant Association (76) showed that 3 out of ten consumers agreed that fast-food or food at a restaurant establishment are important to their way of life and 3 of 5 consumers reported that they had would eat fast-food in future about as more often as they previously did. Fast food is more popular and more preferred by the adolescents who visit a fast-food restaurant at least twice per week (Lin 34; Guthrie 56). In a survey consisting of 4,750 students aging between 11 and 18 indicated that about 76 percent ate at fast-food outlet during the two weeks before the survey was conducted (Harnack 23). This survey indicated that fast-food consumption was linked to higher intake of hamburger, fried potato, soft drinks, pizza, and lower intake of vegetables, milk and fruits. Fast food has high energy and fat content although fas t-food restaurants have started diversifying to incorporate broader range of hamburgers, foods, and French fries. A small order of fast-food such as French fries contains about 10 grams and 200 calories of fat, and a hamburger contains about 35 grams and 600 calories. Consequently, many Americans have raised their concerns about the negative health impact fast food not only for adolescents and children but also for adult consumers (Lin and Frazao 45; Jeffrey 24). Advocating for the reduction of fast-food consumption in the United States, this paper discusses the negative effects of fast food. A recent study showed that most Americans have realized that stopping at the fast-food restaurants for fast food is not a worth decision (United States Department of Agriculture, Food Survey├â‚  Research Group 45). This study indicate that Americans prefer fast foods to conventional foods for convenience. The study notes that fast food are readily available, cheap and save on time. It is widely

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