Sunday, September 15, 2019

Deed of Undertaking Essay

Do hereby given an undertaking as under:- 1) That I have passed Xth std. / XIIth std. Examination through (Name of the School) Villa Theresa High School Is situated in Taluka Mumbai Dist. Mumbai City StateMaharashtra 2) That I am desires to take admission in Std. XI/XII in Jr. College (Name of the Jr. College) for the Academic Year 2014-2015 3) That while taking admission, I am required to furnish following documents. i) Statement of Marks of the last public Examination / Statement of marks of Std. XI th Examination of the Jr. College (Home Exam) ii) Passing certificate of the last public Examination iii) School leaving Certificate/Transfer Certificate. iv) Migration Certificate in Original 4) That I am also aware that my admission, is provisional and that the Jr. College shall have every right to assess independently, the truthfulness and the correctness of the documents mentioned at Serial Number (3) of this undertaking. That in the event, if it is subsequently found out by the Jr. College/Board that the particulars furnished in the admission form or the documents furnished while seeking admission are false and fabricated, in that event Jr. College authorities will have right to take action against me, including right to cancel the admission. 5) I am also fully aware of the fact that the Jr. College has given me provisional admission subject to grant of eligibility certificate by the Mumbai Divisional Boar, Vashi, Navi Mumbai – 400 703 of Maharashtra State  Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education having its Head Office situated at Bhambhurda Shivajinagar, Pune – 411004. 6) In case if the Divisional Board reject my application, submitted through the Head of the Jr. College for grant of Eligibility Certificate, my admission to the Jr. College shall stand automatically cancelled. 7) In case if the Divisional Board grants me Eligibility Certificate with instructions to furnish certain documents within stipulated period, I here by undertake to fulfil the requirement within the stipulated time limit. 8) I am aware of the fact that, in case, if I fail to furnish the required documents within the stipulated time I shall not be eligible for admission in the Jr. College and as such my admission shall stand automatically cancelled. That I have read the contents of the undertaking and has properly understood the same and in witness whereof had signed on this Deed of Undertaking on this day of 2014 at place

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