Thursday, September 26, 2019

Communication Skills in the Construction Industry Assignment

Communication Skills in the Construction Industry - Assignment Example This paper shall likewise recommend that individual sites be treated as a separate business unit managed by a Project Manager. Site Managers or Project Managers should report directly to the project delivery Director to ensure that accountability and deliverables for each project are monitored more effectively. The changes shall also ensure that reporting lines and administrative responsibilities are delineated and established that will clear any ambiguities amongst the personnel at the construction site. A detailed task list on a per module basis during construction phases will make it possible to report a more accurate construction status. This strategy will also enable the project management group to monitor usage of materials and wastage. The foreman will report materials usage, completion status, and manpower consumption. Being informed of the exact construction status on a more regular basis, client expectation will be easier to manage. Determining the critical path will enable any site manager to determine the exact time for construction materials to be delivered. This will lessen the cost of warehousing and materials storage. Heavy equipment use will also be predictable which will lessen the rental cost and parking cost. As a predicate, the construction operation is normally conducted in this manner—during Fridays, foremen are mandated to report the status of the section they are supposed to complete for the week. On Saturdays, based on the report given by the foremen, a verification team inspects the completion stage or the status of each of the work order. On Sundays, the project leaders compare the completed work orders base on the project plan of the building. Base on the completion status, delivery of materials and heavy equipment rentals for the work order that is scheduled to be completed for the week are then reserved for the following week. If there is some misunderstanding with regards to the expectation and the work orders completed, r evision as well as the new instructions, the architects and engineers are called to provide more detailed instruction on the Monday-morning foreman’s meeting.

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