Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Survey interview Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Survey interview - Essay Example Likewise, it was emphasized that deciding respond was completely voluntary and the results would be presented only as part of the class requirements. From the designed survey, it could be deduced that the respondents were able to accomplish it in the stipulated time frame since the questions were mostly close-ended questions and only one was open-ended (question 13) (Attending a Women’s Varsity Sport , 2014). The findings revealed that only freshmen students were not fully aware of the women’s varsity sport which could be due to their being new to the campus. Likewise, the students from the junior and senior levels were more aware of the sports events for women but their attendance to these events depend highly on their enthusiasm for sports or if they have friends who they want to support and see. The response to the last question regarding motivating them to attend women’s varsity sporting event in the future depended on the time for extra-curricular activities; as well as their genuine enthusiasm for the sport. After the survey and interview with each respondent, I thanked them profusely and expressed how grateful I was for their participation and support to this endeavor. I reiterated that the results would be presented in class, and if they are interested, I could provide them with a report on how the results eventually emerged. The experience provided me with the opportunity to build my confidence in interacting with people from diverse backgrounds with the aim of achieving the learning objectives identified for the class. As such, it was an enlightening and rewarding learning experience where interview skills were enhanced; as well as the ability to interpret survey

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