Monday, August 12, 2019

Essay On Hunger in Developing Countries Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

On Hunger in Developing Countries - Essay Example It is primarily concerned with regulating the financial aspects of most of the interactions amongst nations. It is primarily concerned with surveillance, wherein it monitors and regulates the fiscal policies and economic interactions of a member-nation, lending money to the developing and under-developed world, it provides technical assistance and aids in the dissemination of know-how, from the developed world to the rest of the world, it also comes up with certain standards and codes, that govern economic policies and interactions between nations. On a broader note, the IMF is involved in handling the economic scenario that rules the world and is also committed to the fight against terrorism and its impact on the economies of the world. While the membership of the IMF comprises all kinds of nations---the developed, developing and the under-developed, the IMF has often been accused of favoring the developed nations form where it gets its funds. The developing and under-developed worlds are often discriminated against, when it comes to financial assistance, protectionism, transfer of technology et al.

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