Saturday, August 24, 2019

Emerson calls for the emergence of an American poetics Essay

Emerson calls for the emergence of an American poetics - Essay Example In what ways does William Cullen Bryant move away from imitating British poetry and address American themes? In what ways does he play by the familiar rules of the epic tradition? In ‘The Prairies’, Bryant can be felt to exude the poet-function which Emerson necessitates by rendering his literary work converge to a ‘transcendentalist’ perspective. Though it is conspicuous in depicting the ‘nature of nature’ or the way nature is in its downright truth, ‘The Prairies’ brings about discernment of a kind of spirituality attached with nature which essentially surpasses the mere drawing of relevant sentiments toward its physical attributes. Similarly, Bryant emerges to possess a level of authenticity according to the standards set by Emerson for the American poetics based on his poem’s strong sense of individuality which is a typical element in American themes upon almost every form of American literature. As such, Bryant projects an open mind capable of sensibly resonating back to the reader the deeper essence of ‘The Prairies’ which establishes its identity after the poet’s unique insight.

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