Saturday, August 10, 2019

Aviation Security and its Impact on Airports Essay

Aviation Security and its Impact on Airports - Essay Example A database that links all airline reservation systems in the country to many private and government databases would allow security officials to sort through the travel histories of each flier and allow airport officials to see the backgrounds of all passengers before they board the flight. This will allow officials to prevent passengers suspected of terrorist activities from boarding the aircraft when they are believed to be a threat to the health of other passengers and the aircraft. All passengers will have threat data related to them, with the most threatening passengers to be fully checked before boarding all aircraft. During this process, when a passenger with a high threat rating books a ticket on a commercial airline, aviation officials will be able to screen these individuals prior to terrorist events occurring. A pre-screened traveler is not necessarily a good idea because identities can be concealed and changed to portray the picture of another individual that may not be co nsidered a threat. The approach we chose will gather intelligence information as well as pre-screen individuals at the time of ticket purchase confirming they are who they claim to be and then will screen a threat risk assessment to detect those people that may pose a terrorist threat to others. This approach will identify each passenger, with all privately, government, and airline held information and check that with information of the lists of threatened suspects and terrorists in order to weed out those individuals that pose a flight risk. Once the system has calculated a threat score, it will be secretly printed on the boarding pass or ticket for each passenger, without the passenger knowing what his or her risk is. The database, once fully

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