Saturday, July 27, 2019

Domestic materials compactor Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Domestic materials compactor - Research Paper Example The capacity is however designed to meet the requirements it is meant to work. Normally, a kitchen would not have as much as 60 cans unless on special occasions. The capacity is actually sufficient to its intended purpose. However, the provision which allows the pod to slide in and out makes increasing capacity where there is need to do so. It would simply require a larger pod probably protruding externally or downwards to increase its height. The need for a cleaner and environmentally friendly way of waste disposal is a necessity in the modern homes where space is an issue of concern (GliÃ… ¡ović and Ã… ½arko 5). There are several areas of client needs that are sufficiently addresses by the manufacturing system, including, hygiene, space, and aesthetic quality. The system ensures that waste disposal is done is a hygienically friendly way rather than have wastes loitering here and there. By compressing the cans, lesser space is required to dispose a higher volume of wastes and as such disposal space is saved. Additionally, the system allows items to be separated in an environmentally friendly way in readiness for disposal. In terms of aesthetic quality, one needs not ask much. Other than the carefully designed shape, the system is built of stainless steel and plastic which are well brushed ensuring it looks amazing great when placed in the kitchen. The pods as well as made to have a great aesthetic finish and would fit the kitchen just like other good looking appliances would. Another aspect of manufacturing sufficiently addressed by this product is convertibility and quality (Gupta 221). With regard to quality, the product is outstanding. The materials used are relevant; it looks good and completes its functions effectively. Additionally, considering its multiple fit-in parts and compartments, the product can be converted as the user deems appropriate let alone mention that it can be modified to perform other functions such as storage. It is

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