Tuesday, June 11, 2019

MGR #6 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

MGR 6 - Essay ExampleA prayer is a sacred expression of thanks or a request for help addressed to God or an object. According to this MGR prayers are not only concerned glowering well beingness of the one praying, but the will of God to be done according to his wishes. Prayers are a communication between a human being and God. It is through this communication that human havefaith that their wishes will be answered. People pray for different reasons which include blessings, healing, and guidance.My second takeaway is confession. exculpations are statements do by a group of people or a person acknowledging personal facts that the group or the person would ostensibly prefer to keep hidden. Confession is one way of repentance. The main thing that leads to confessions is when a person sin. A sin is anything that comebetweenthe right ways of God and a person. mavin of the major drives to confession is fear. It keeps us away from enjoying our freedom until we confess our sins. Another reason for confession is to seek forgiveness. A human can feel indictable after a sin and, as a result, we tend to look for forgiveness from God or other people by confessing our

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