Thursday, May 30, 2019

The Systematic Destruction of Womens Agency in Juárez, Mexico :: Gender Culture Murder Womens Agency Papers

The Systematic Destruction of Womens Agency in Jurez, MexicoAs citizens, people rely on the state as an agent that acts on their behalf, by providing them with benefits such as basic protection. However, the state itself derives its power (or position) from the fact that its citizens give up some of their individual agency in exchange for the benefits that belonging to a state provides. People are, thus, both the creators and the subjects of the state. In Jurez, Mexico the state has been shaped by a patriarchy that is very oppressive to women. The women are then subjects to this very oppressive state. Virginia Woolf claims that these women can gain agency and freedom by obtaining economic independence. But, in the case of Jurez, Mexico this economic freedom has deadly effects. Woolfs business is very limiting and applied to a much more ideal situation. In this essay I volition explore the climate in Jurez that seems to kindle Woolfs theory wrong. I will also look at how her cla ims can offer hope to the women of Jurez so that they can alter the climate so that everyone has agency not just the men and the state.Mexican culture has always placed the women in the home. Placement in the private sphere without the opportunity to earn property has always limited womens agency and freedom. Men behave typically held the position of power because of their economic independence. As the holders of power in the public sphere, men have created a patriarchy in which the opinions have governed the laws that are passed within Mexico. Before the murders in Jurez began, and even still, women were offered very little protection by the government particularly when it came to violence and rape. The machismo culture in Mexico sets up a climate in which young women can be beaten raped and murdered with little to no consequences. Domestic abuse laws in Mexico, state that a woman may not file domestic abuse charges if her wounds heal before the end of 15 days. Women are constri cted to the private sphere according to Mexican culture. The women give up their rights to be in the public sphere with the hope and understanding that they will be protected in the private sphere. They, however, do not receive this protection. Men can essentially beat their wives with no consequence. Additionally, rape laws are very lax.

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