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ORGANISATION AND BEHAVIOUR PART 2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

ORGANISATION AND BEHAVIOUR PART 2 - analyze Example2. Condition existing outside the company- This factor mainly includes the environment & surrounding conditions that cause line to the employees which includes housing problem, poor transport facilities, lack of recreational facilities, hazardous climatic conditions, & wrongly designed chore markets. 3. Personal problems of the employees- These issues are related to the personal life of the employees which includes sickness, accident, family issues, & ceremonies. If we analyze closely, we will find that the problems currently go near by the Bellingham Bakery started developing soon after the skill of Waterfields Company. Staff turnover increased at a greater rate especially in the Waterfields outlet. The management was seriously concerned when they found that almost trainees left the company even before completion of their genteelness period. After getting an idea on the probable causes of employee turnover & absenteeism, we can conclude that the employees at Bellingham Bakery were majorly affected by the acquisition step. The Waterfields outlets include mostly traditional machineries. These machineries were replaced & modern mass production equipments were introduced. Attention was specified on the extensive learning & development of the staff on the procedures for using these machineries. Also most of the Waterfields managers left the firm after the acquisition & those positions were filled up by the Bellingham staff. These details help us to narrow down the possible causes for the travel problems of the organization. Firstly, the acquisition effected in a cultural & organizational change & therefore a going between the 15 Waterfields outlets & the other Bellingham branches started taking shape. Secondly, the mass production system as a all told is a monotonous process which requires employees to perform same task repetitively. Thirdly, the new machines introduced proved to be a barrier to the eff iciency of the staff who previously used to be the employee of the Waterfields. Fourthly, training procedures might prove to be a failure if the need for training & the employees capacity to learn it is not assessed carefully. Fifthly, only in-house training might prove to be inadequate for the employees to learn about the distribution process. Sixthly, lack of incentive or reward program for good performance & a performance appraisal structure is missing in the firm. Seventhly, the Family Feel which prevailed in the structure of Waterfields disappeared from the structure of Bellingham. Finally, longer training period might act as a tool for preventing the employees to achieve a higher designation in spite of having the required efficiency. As per the absenteeism & employee turnover causes discussed above, it follows that the conditions that exist indoors the company can be solved with various strategies implemented within the management structure. However the external conditions & personal factors are not within the organizations control. The ruff thing that can be done is to provide an efficient Employee Assistance Program to know about the grievances of the employees that are causing disturbance in their life hence compelling them to leave their job or take frequent leaves. Question 2 Most of the

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