Friday, May 3, 2019

Dubai Vs. USA Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Dubai Vs. ground forces - Essay ExampleBody language forms an important part of the dialogue process though it does not stand as the only form of communication.Non- literal communication get out incorporate many aspects such as rationaliseing, culture and region. In Dubai, males commonly put on unyielding dresses. This has formed an important part of non-verbal communication often relating to the Muslim culture with other Muslims doing the same in other parts of the world. In America, the dress code is different. Men will less likely be found in such long dresses and if found, the conclusion made is that they could be a Muslim. Women in Dubai which is a male dominated region talk softly. Though significant steps commit been made to address the issue and empower the women, the culture they have been brought up in dictated that they should be loyal to their husbands which makes them or puts them in an awkward state. Comparing that with the U.S., atomic number 53 realizes that w omen in the U.S. are more vocal. They repulse control of things and spear head changes in their respective places of influence.This has been well-behaved by the culture they have brought up in. The two differing cultures have different expectations for each gender with the Arab in Dubai recovering from a purely male dominated one and the U.S. being a fairly exist power population. Therefore, looking at the verbal and non-verbal communication in those places, the change that will likely be noted is lack of confidence in some of the ladies in Dubai while those in the U.S. will take the center stage and deliver the message they wanted.Whereas most people will likely adapt to the American culture and be in a position to maneuver well in communication, study has shown that a business trip to Dubai will be more complicated. Though not a must, one will be in a better position if he can fairly utilize verbal and nonverbal communication. On top of this, he should be in a position to follo w and derive the basic pointers in the Arab workplace. The role of

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