Thursday, April 25, 2019

Social Problem Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Social Problem - Research Paper ExampleThis essay is a critical valuation of crime as a social problem in the society a well as the measures that can be put into place to ensure that the vice is contained for the welfare and the security of citizens in the world.The number of crime has risen significantly in the society. To some extent, this can be attributed to the invention of lethal weapons such(prenominal) as guns and ammunition especially during the world wars whereby the various super powers were battling over military superiority (Mednick, 2001). This sawing machine the invention of weapons of mass destruction such as nuclear bombs, assault rifles, and grenades as well as other small arms such as pistols and bayonets. Whereas the initial intention of these discoveries was for the protection of the nations sovereignty through military empowerment, the end result was that the equipment found their way into the civilian hands each accidentally or through illegal means. For e xample, it is approximated that 190,000 weapons issued to Iraq forces in the year 2007 can not be accounted for by the US department of defense (Dunbar, 2006). Probably, the arms found their way into the wrong hands of illegal forces who tucker a great risk to the security of civilians as well as government forces that are turn up to maintain law and order.People commit crimes due to a variety of reasons. These reasons are for example associate pressure (Mednick, 2001). This refers to the influence that people may have on the conduct of their friends who could be of the same senesce group as they are or even older who may decide to follow the habits of others without mocking the moral aspect of what they intend to do as long as it satisfies their worldly fantasies. Such groups introduces their friends to crimes such as drug trafficking which is a well paying but risky vice bearing in mind of the consequences that one would face once he is arrested.

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