Saturday, April 27, 2019

Health Safety and Security Practices Assignment

Health Safety and Security Practices - appellative ExampleBelonging is all about having a relationship that is secure or having a tie-up with the customers, as well as the workings staffs. In a salon, having the security of belonging is important in maintaining a good relationship with other people in the working environment. It is also important in boosting individuals self-esteem making one has the courage to do his or her job perfectly. Therefore, in each working environment, the sole priority of the leader is to encourage and catch that all the working staffs develop a sensation of security to avoid any misunderstanding and quarrels. Additionally, one should ensure that the client belongings are base hit and secure. Prior to hanging any coats, counterchecking the pockets remain vital, remove all the important items and keep them in a safe place.In a salon, there are different types of solid as well as liquid wastes that require safe disposal. By disposing of the materials safely, the environment testament be protected from causing any potential harm. In disposing of the materials, salon policies for hazardous wastes and management must be followed correctly. All the sharp materials in the salon such as needles and pins should be safely be given up of in sharp boxes. The scale down chemicals should be disposed of in running water. The single used items such as gloves should be disposed of in peddle bins. Finally, the materials that can be recycled are put in recycled empties for decontamination and drying.Before an emergency occurs, ensure that the emergency equipment is in place and working. The first aid box should contain all the needed materials that will be used in an event of an emergency. The bang extinguishers should be in a strategic spot where it can be accessed and in a working condition. In a case of an emergency, call the ambulance and the fire extinguishers. Inform all the people to go to fire assembly points.

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