Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Discussion Board 2-2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Discussion Board 2-2 - Essay Example 1 of the important training for sufferingtic counselors is self-awareness. According to Jackson-Cherry and Erford (2014), self-awareness refers to the understanding and knowledge about ones abilities, weaknesses and master key skills. Training on the area is important considering that it enables counselors to monitor their behaviors and enforce effective management to avoid some(prenominal) occurrences or situations that can compromise quality of preaching. Another training area for trauma counselor is self-care. As discussed by Jackson-Cherry and Erford (2014), counseling in crisis conditions usually illicit emotions and depression due to witnessing of suffering people. To survive effectively, trauma counselors require thorough training in self-care so to manage harsh conditions and design proper treatment frameworks and strategiesAn experienced trauma counselor should understand or have ways to know when they act immaterial their profession . One of the ways that counselors can know when they work outside their competence is when involved in countertransference that entails counselors relating true characteristics of individuals handled in the past to the current clients (Jackson-Cherry, 2014). The characteristics referred to here are usually negative and often compromise birth of counselors to clients leading to compromised treatment process.Another way that counselors can know when working outside their competence is with occurrence of burnout. This occurs when counselors feel overworked, have little self-care that results to reduced empathy and detachment from client. Generally, burnouts lead to low job bliss and sometimes increased absenteeism. To resolve the issues, counselors should carry regular self-assessment and seek counseling from colleagues. Counselors should consult and seek command from other professionals in the field of

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